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Go: The Complete Developer’s Guide (Golang)

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Master the fundamentals and advanced features of the Go Programming Language (Golang)

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12 avis pour Go: The Complete Developer’s Guide (Golang)

  1. Kater Akeren

    It’s refreshing to take this course. He deconstructs abstraction to build a strong foundation for comprehension of the Go programming language. Anyone who wants to start learning Go should definitely take this course, in my opinion. It’s a true masterpiece.

  2. Catherine Tian

    The overall courses are good. Each concept is described in great detailed. Not giving 5 stars because the overall concept is too fundamental. Only suitable for beginners

  3. Kadir Gundogdu

    Good course but it could have been more comprehensive. Surprised that there were no mentions of marshaling/unmarshaling.

  4. Robert Ellis

    Pretty good overview, clearly presented the material. Could have been a little more clear with the go routines and channels lesson. Perhaps re-watching the videos will make it clearer.

  5. Sachini Perera

    Very good beginners course for Go development. The way the lecture is presented, intervals, voice and the teaching approach is spot on. Enjoyed to the very end. Highly recommend! And thank you!!

  6. Jawad Sohail

    I enjoyed how well the lessons were taught answering practically all the questions I had. the assignments were good ways to solidify the lessons he taught.

  7. Denis Oliveira

    Great course if you’re picking up Golang as an added language to your tool belt. The chapters are clean and concise, and the instructor does a good job at explaining the language constructs, and the rationale behind their usage. The exercises and assignments aren’t too challenging, especially for those who already are programmers, but I guess this could be seen as a good thing when learning a new language. All in all, a great course. Recommended.

  8. Nauman Shah

    It is very much outdated though learnt the important and basic concepts

    Stephen should update the course with all the new things made available in GoLang

    His teaching skills are really good

  9. Dallas Kidd

    It’s a nicely structured course with simple examples that are easy to follow. I like the very short lectures because it’s easy to keep track of where you are and go back to review. The assignments were straight-forward and worth doing for practice. (But ugh Udemy sure does make it annoying to get credit for them.) There are a few typos and things that need to be updated because the language changed, but people have comments to help you out if you don’t figure it out by just Googling or reading the docs.

    I think he makes too many assumptions about what you’ll think about concepts, as if everyone uses JavaScript and or is new to programming. I also think it’s not clear from his code what good code practices are in Go. Is it fine to modify a slice in a function, or would that be unexpected for someone? I think I need more information about variable naming, too. But at least this course gives me a good starting point for looking up these things. For example, I found a guide online that says repeat letters to represent collection, slice, or array and use single letter in loop. It also says don’t name getters with the word get in them, and add “er” to interface names. (But obviously that’s just one guide – not sure if that’s really what people do). I think this will help fill in the blanks:

    I think it would be nice if the beginning of the course explained more why we should use Go specifically instead of another language. What makes Go so special? We didn’t talk about Go Routines until the very end of the course. (Obviously this info is readily available via Google. It just would have been nice to include in the course.) Also, it would be nice if he talked more about modules (and naming, versions, etc.)

  10. Frédéric Cramois

    Well explained, never boring, good pace.
    A course on generics is missing, something that was long waiting for Go and has been present since 1.18. In few hours Stephen cannot of course deal with everything in detail. The book “Learning Go” – Jon Bodner, in parallel was a good complement for me.

  11. Mihaly-André Hadnagy

    Needs an update to cover recent changes and updates. Would be very helpful if it covered go.mod and how to use non-standard packages. Other than that, i think it covers the essentials very vell.

  12. Elizabeth Latimer

    This course was a good intro to Go. The structure was a little tiring, the short sections were fine, but because they are so short, the recaps after a break grew quite tiring. I’d rather just be directed back to the previous section if I need a refresher.

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