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How to Build Websites from Scratch: Code with HTML and CSS

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Learn Web Development Essentials and Become a Web Developer From Scratch in this Complete HTML & CSS Beginner’s Course

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12 avis pour How to Build Websites from Scratch: Code with HTML and CSS

  1. Htmlcss Step2gen


  2. Shane Behen

    This was my first attempt at HTML and CSS. I’m a 37 year old welder looking to get into the field of computer programming. Although I feel I want to shoot more for back end work, I figured I would start with the basics, and from a new guy perspective. This was great! Also, I had ran into a few issues in my code displaying correctly, but at the end of it. It gave me a chance to go back through the code myself, identify the issues (like the main logo repeating itself within the container), and then making the correction. I had a great time doing this. Thank you

  3. Meseret Mengesha

    This is a well prepared and well executed course. I have learnt a lot and am being well equipped.
    But, how can I get lesson 81 to 92 to complete and get my Completion Certificate?
    Kindly help.

    thank you.

  4. Matt Bell

    All aspects covered are explained thoroughly. Very informative and insightful. My only feedback would be to maybe add some HTML/CSS challenges. While it’s a good starting point to copy the code Brad does for each section’s challenge – having something we could attempt ourselves and compare to a solution would be a great addition!

    Still really enjoyed the course and learned lots!

  5. Kanaga Dhara

    Really, detailed course about HTM and CSS for beginners. It helps you build a very own website at the End of the Course:)

  6. Gary Clayton

    very much. I came into this from a 6 month long coding camp, the course really cleaned a lot of things up for me.

  7. Kumbhagiri Ankulu

    Such a nice explanation sir … i have learnt lots of information .

  8. Chris Swann

    As a complete beginner I needed a course that started from scratch and progressed at a moderate pace. I liked that it wasn’t too slow – it does require video pausing for time to reflect/think through what is being taught though which I didn’t mind. I would recommend writing all the code out for each lecture as it’s much more immersive and helps retain the knowledge.

  9. Roberto Perez Garcia

    Meanwhile taking notes along the way, I really appreciate the power point slides that come right after a video lesson. Thanks a bunch!

  10. Ana Caetano

    It was a awesome time learning with Brad. Thank you

  11. Rebecca A Levin

    This course does not provide the images it requires in order to learn the lessons. Please either send me the images you claim to include or refund me this course money. This course is impossible to complete without these image attachements.

  12. Ritesh Pandey

    Absolutely great. Love the practical approach and fun examples. I am following through all the lessons and practicing side by side and learning a lot. I am really enjoying the course

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