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How to Code: Learn Google’s Go (golang) Programming Language

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The Ultimate Comprehensive Course – Perfect for Both Beginners and Experienced Developers

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12 avis pour How to Code: Learn Google’s Go (golang) Programming Language

  1. Veljko Joksimovic

    It’s a good course and Todd is a good and funny teacher. I would’ve liked it to hold more projects and such because the exercises are mostly really easy so I don’t think there is enough practice in that regard.

  2. Philippe Zeitoun

    Todd is certainly the teacher that most of us wished to have at school or university, teaching with simplicity, accuracy, passion and kindness.
    Thanks for this peacefull IT course even if (thanks to concurrency) some of my neurons need some rest!.
    Now I can go on the WebDev course quietly and confidently.

  3. Stefan Andorf

    Completely live coding, I love this, because it is easy comprehensible and sustainable. I also like the comments and excuses. Best udemy-teacher so far.

  4. Dmitri Smirnov

    Todd is one of the beast teachers I ever meet. Todd knows his job very well. And can explain complex technical moment in very simple and friendly manner. 10/10 Amazing course.

  5. Raminder Singh

    you got it man.. respect. I learnt how to read spec, learnt its about type, and learnt dual core fueled Go and why its hot in the era of cloud. this is the course where you really learn how to fish, not bunch of let me fish for you tutorials.. thanks. i am still goin but wanted to pop out and send a note of appreciation my friend.

  6. Fredrik Nilsson

    I think Todds course is great. He goes through every aspect in the fundamentals in a very good way, coming from another language it might be a little “oh please do not describe variables again”, but I don’t feel that way with Todd, even though in the beginning it is very slow, but pace picks upp, and you can always play him at 1,5x. Also I think Todd is engaging and the only thing that I can miss would be a final project or something, but I am not sure that would benefit the real beginner that comes from nothing. Great course Todd!

  7. Saif Hamdan

    this course is trash, the author talks about himself more than he teaches, I didn’t buy the course to hear your stories or your fun humor, above that 45 hours for the material he provides is ridiculously stupid and you can learn it in less than 10 hours max, the course is also all over the place and I won’t continue with it, I also don’t why the rating of this course is high.

  8. Andre Sampaio

    Very good content, I’m making a language transition and this course helped me a lot!!

  9. Guilherme Versiani

    The course discusses all the basic concepts of the Go language, including some introductory material around general computing. Generally speaking, it is a good course and dedicates a good time over each concept.

    Some may question that, but I like the quotes, personal aspects and other stuff the teacher presents along the course. It makes everything more human.

    My only comment is that the examples/exercises often don’t give context of real life coding, they’re mostly figurative ones. Which I do believe to be good for students learning to program for the first time. But not as good to professional programmers wanting to learn Go — it is really hard to attend everyone.

  10. Alfonso Granados

    Me gusto el curso, Tod explica de una manera sencilla y digerible,
    estoy aprendiendo go desde cero y creo que con este curso he hecho buen progreso en aprender este gran lenguaje de programacion

  11. Curt Poage

    Todd is an incredible instructor whose approach connects him to the learner in a unique and powerful approach that transforms the virtual learning medium into a palpable experience. His methods and knowledge combine in such a way as to create a deeper understanding of the material and ability to utilize it.

  12. Nicolai Negru

    A lot of material presented in a positive and realistic way. Plenty of real-time coding by the instructor. When there is an error – the instructor finds it during the lesson, not pretending to be a flawless genius.

    I am glad I took this course – I learned a lot. Keep in mind this won’t make you a senior golang dev, but it covers quite a lot to get started.

    Thank you

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