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HTML and CSS for Beginners – Build a Website & Launch ONLINE

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HTML and CSS for Beginners course will give your all the knowledge you need to master HTML and CSS easily and quickly.

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12 avis pour HTML and CSS for Beginners – Build a Website & Launch ONLINE

  1. Regginald Santos

    Are id’s supposed to be unique? Can’t it be targeted directly in the css like #id-of-targetelement instead of #id-of-body #id-of-container #id-of-targetelement

  2. Nkang Anthony N.

    this was really amazing for me, it made the whole learning process very entertaining and inspiring. thank you so much

  3. Simon Xenitellis

    This course really helps!
    Will use it as a template to create my own project.

  4. Mohamed Belhay

    Good teacher and good course, my experience was awesome! Thanks Edwin!

  5. Dennis Lim

    Good course to help you understand the basics, but would love it if there were exercises incorporated along the way to make it more engaging.

  6. Dominik Tarnowski

    I’m the type of person that needs a lecturer explaining something along the way for me to actually learn stuff. This has been extremely helpful and I hope I get to learn more amazing stuff in the future!

  7. Sharath TUMMALA

    This lecture was really helpful for a beginner like me with no coding experience.

  8. Sergio Gonzalez

    Very great course for getting your feet wet in HTML5 and CSS. PHP is a bonus!

  9. Soshan Hanumanthu

    good course for beginners, I enjoyed and learned a lot, thanks to the instructor.

  10. Kevin Otniel

    It’s clear and I’ve now understand the basic of HTML & CSS, some parts a little bit too fast for me, but overall it’s a good beginner course.

  11. Vaishnavi

    This was a perfect course for beginners. The lectures were very easy to follow and formatted well. It was really easy to follow along and complete all of the coding exercises with Edwin. Thank you so much Edwin for helping me learn so much about HTML and CSS in a short time frame! I am so excited to apply what I have learned.

  12. Neelakantam Saikumar

    Very Informative.

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