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Introduction to Machine Learning for Data Science

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A primer on Machine Learning for Data Science. Revealed for everyday people, by the Backyard Data Scientist.

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12 avis pour Introduction to Machine Learning for Data Science

  1. Carlos Elegado

    So far the concepts are clear and the coverage is what I expected. I am not sure if it is the course or my computers but the audio contains pops and stutters that I find to be very distracting. Also some of the slides have grammatical errors (use of the article ‘a’ in front of a plural, for example) and some of the pronunciations (for example “Socrates”) are at least non-standard, if not wrong. There are also misspellings (‘HIPAA’ not ‘HIPPA’ an ‘losing’, not ‘loosing’ that call into question the rigor with which the course was put together.

  2. Juan Cristian Miguel

    Es una buena introducción a los conceptos importantes de Machine Learning y Data Science.

  3. Roberto Carlos de Araújo Silva

    Great course. thanks a lot David Valentine to provide an excellent introdutory formation. I really grateful by you hard work and care with support material provided through the course!

  4. Daniela Gerevini Pereira

    Maravilhoso, linguagem clara, fontes disponívies, bem organizado e interativo

  5. Artur Kulwicki

    The content and the teacher himself are very good.
    The only annoying thing is the sound of the keyboard during whole bonus course – very distracting and sometimes I was not able to hear the voice of the teacher 🙂

  6. Ronaldo Pereira

    Muito interessante o curso , além da didática ser ótima!!!

  7. Kamalakannan Jegapathi

    Clear and concise. Excellent introduction to the topic.
    Thanks !!

  8. Amit Rathi

    All good last part bit confusing for non coding people

  9. Priya Shekhar

    The trainer is amazing. The course suited me the best as I like to understand at the basal level without any jargons. He uses examples and frames everything so simply that you will understand. The course content and delivery are amazing

  10. Satvinder Singh Kaundal

    Already intrigued to learn. Content sounds good and complete. Voice quality of instructor is also easy to grasp. Still a long way to go in the course.Hoping for a good learning experience.
    Very concise and informative lecture overall.

  11. Devin van Rooyen

    The general guidance on how to get the most out of the course was really helpful.

  12. Juan Cardilli

    Me hubiese gustado un curso mas aplicado, con mayor cantidad de casos practicos y no tanta teoria/historia.

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