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Introduction to Python: Learn Python for Absolute Beginners

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Learn Python programming from scratch with hands-on exercises in this Python course!

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12 avis pour Introduction to Python: Learn Python for Absolute Beginners

  1. Abdul hamid

    Very simple language used for good understanding and very easy all topics are covered with good understanding examples

  2. Shubeer Ismail

    The content was good, but the course cnds very abruptly like something is missing at the end. The lecturer didn’t even say goodbye.

  3. Jinming Pan

    The course was pretty good and I’ve learned some cool things, however sometimes it could be confusing at first overall pretty good course.

  4. Kulakarni Sreeja

    It is very understandable and easy to learn and many exercises to do and improve, I can say it is very good platform to learn.

  5. Celestine Onu

    Out of all the beginners courses i have read, this is the most simplified way to understand python.

  6. Priya Jain

    Its was really helpful course
    One thing like set comprehensions is present as one topic, so one more topic “list comprehension” should also be there . As list comprehension is most used everywhere

  7. Mateusz Posłuszny

    Great course. Everything is explain in a very simple way, I feel that I made huge step in right direction.

  8. Martyn Bader

    I appreciated the pace and simplicity of explanations of the concepts demonstrated. The hands-on sections are also an effective learning tool.

  9. Vaibhav Tiwari

    Great course with very simple examples and exercises and no unnecessary stuff, all the sections were short and sweet.

    Great course to start your Python journey.


    Great beginners course. Quick and concise, yet very informative. I wish there was a PowerPoint or one-pager showing the topics covered. It was tough trying to take notes and found myself pausing the videos a lot.

  11. Maxine Carraway

    It’s well explained and easy to follow, but the course overall took a lot longer than the 4.5 hours – This is the length of the combined videos. I came onto this course with no knowledge of python and the time taken to go over and understand the exercises took me a little while, someone with a bit of knowledge could probably have done them in a faster time than me. Good course otherwise!

  12. James Hurley

    Fine introduction to the language. I have access to this course through my job and wanted a quick refresher on Python syntax. However, there are frequently topics which are poorly explained, or on occasion just completely misrepresented. I don’t believe this instructor is an expert on the topic.

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