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Ionic – Build iOS, Android & Web Apps with Ionic & Angular

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Build Native iOS & Android as well as Progressive Web Apps with Angular, Capacitor and the Ionic Framework (Ionic 4+).

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12 avis pour Ionic – Build iOS, Android & Web Apps with Ionic & Angular

  1. Benjamin Milčić

    Great Course, like all Max`s Courses that i did until now. When you start to use Angular and Ionic, then you realize that Max gives you really all the features to have fun with that technology. When you use it you feel suddenly like you learned something really great.
    I read a lot of articles about web development and also see a lot of YouTube videos about it. But there is no comparison to this step by step courses.
    Max know a lot about teaching and how to keep things in mind. You can pause the course at any point, and when you continue, it`s very easy to remember the things you learned before. You feel that the tempo and structure of the course is perfect to keep all things fast in your mind.
    When you use the technology in your own projects, you can also easily jump to an chapter of your interest. and repeat things.
    There is also a ‘Questions and Answers” Section in the course, where many people ask there questions and get answers from other learners, course assistants or from Max by himself. So the course is always up to date through this.

    I also recommend Max`s course ‘’ about writing clean code.

  2. Jignesh Patel

    I learn a lot from this course, now need to integrate and having practice more and more to get the experience.

  3. Adminteam BSOL

    This course was absolutely amazing , the explanation is so good that it feels like proper communication. Even though I have worked in angular before . I got an many new things to learn and the power of @ionic/angular.

  4. YOUNANG William

    Learning by concrete examples. Great. Definitely recommend this course.

  5. Philipp Erath

    I am halfway through the course and thus far really enjoy it. Maximilian gives a good overview of the main Ionic features and I like his speed and his general coverage of the topics.

    What I dislike is that the content is a bit outdated. In every other lecture you’ll have to find an alternative approach to solve a problem, which didn’t exist at the time of Maximilian’s recording. This is not really a big problem and may sometimes even be helpful because it forces you to solve a problem on your own. But still, this is a course I’ve paid for and so I expect up to date content.

    Also, I personally would sometimes have liked more technical explanations. Maximilian gives a good overview over several issues such as routing/navigation but I personally would have liked an even deeper look at the specifics.

    Nonetheless, this a good course and you’ll learn a lot.

  6. Thijs bert

    Hello, till now it was very good match for me.
    Sometimes little bit to fast for me but i can restart the video offcourse 🙂

  7. Mohamed Ibrahim

    The layout of the course was outstanding. and your explanations are simple to understand. Thank you, Max.

  8. Lebohang Raymond Mokebe

    This course I took to enhance the skills I already had but it was useful so much on also teaching me a few things I had overlooked. Thank you so much Max

  9. SustainableItSolutionsRoth

    absolute brilliant.
    You explain it in a way everyone can follow. Well done

  10. Claudio Henrique de Godoy

    Eventhough I love Max’s courses, this one is really outdated. For some parts there are warnings that I believe could be better, like a video editing interrupting the video or just a warning with text on the video. But there are parts where we are left completely blind having to realize by ourselves what to do. That’s the reason I’m leving this review and abandoning the course… sadly.

  11. Stephan Milewski

    Having just finished “Angular – The Complete Guide (2023 Edition)” I can already tell this course is going to be as detailed as the other course.

  12. Mohamad Firdaus Ahmad

    Great course, I love follow more course from this Instructor

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