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iOS & Swift – The Complete iOS App Development Bootcamp

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From Beginner to iOS App Developer with Just One Course! Fully Updated with a Comprehensive Module Dedicated to SwiftUI!

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12 avis pour iOS & Swift – The Complete iOS App Development Bootcamp

  1. Angela Terao Manchego

    I’ve just finished the whole course, so happy! For those who wonder: yes, there is a few courses outdated (most of it concerns the lasts courses) but OVERALL of the rest of the courses are reallyyy well explained, Angela is a great teacher and for the price it’s totally worth it. The amount of work they’ve done to give us such a complete course should’ve been insane. Anyways, don’t hesitate to much if you want to start learning Swift and start doing it with this course!

  2. Tomislav Antoljak

    This course is excellent for someone who is a beginner in Swift and wants to learn how to build apps. However, there is a lack of using SwiftUI or UIKit which you will need to understand in order to make your app more original and customizable.

  3. N .

    Angela is a good teacher, but a lot of the content is outdated here (most of the content are recorded in 2017-2020)

    Also the course has been edited (updated) multiple times over the years that the structure and order sometimes makes no sense, and some parts aren’t even covered anymore (e.g. in Advanced Programming Part 2 she assumes Enums and making apps for Mac Terminal are already covered and we know about them which isn’t the case)

    This would be great if Angela would:
    – Re-record the entire course from scratch (at least every 2-3 years) so the content is consistent, not just pieces glued together after multiple edits in 5-6 years.
    – Use SwiftUI by default and just point to UIKit in one or two modules
    – Update for Swift 5.7 and Xcode 14.2+
    – Stop wasting time on every single lesson, I mean even after 400 lessons when you’re supposed to be an advanced programmer, she still wastes minutes in every lesson to tell you how to drag and drop files or how to make sure there are no typos, or other really simple stuff. That’s super annoying!
    – Prefer and recommend first-party tools such as Core Data and SPM through the entire course.
    – Instead of wasting so much time clicking folders one by one specially in chapter 19, just use Command+Shift+G and paste the path?!
    – Address the remaining issues that I just don’t remember to mention here now

    That’s a lot of changes and basically needs Angela to re-record everything with probably a new purchase required and this one can be renamed to UIKit Development.

    I don’t regret buying this, but personally I had a lot of confusion for things that are just different now from what Angela explains.

  4. Manfred Kohl

    best course ever. Would be nice to have an update Xcode 14.
    Some Problems as course is not up-to-date e.g. Twitter API changed and the app will not work as is. The content regarding Design and Marketing is interesting but maybe less important as the focus was on bootcamp app development i.e. coding (for me).

  5. John Luke

    Awesome course, this is detailed and very comprehensive, had to change my review to 5 from 4.8…Thank you Angela for the effort put into this.

  6. Monika Iliasova

    Angela is an awesome teacher. Unfortunately the part of the course has to be updated.

  7. Jonathan Ricky Sandjaja

    this course is very good for beginners. the way angela explain ios development was very easy to understand. My only feedback is to update the course regularly because the technologies keep growing daily.

  8. Filipe Santos

    The course was good in general but some sections seriously need to be updated. Some videos are from 2017, so the content could be improved.

  9. Aycan Şevket Düşkün

    Because it needs to be updated and it is impossible to reach the instructor even on LinkedIn

  10. Andrea Reinicke

    I guess it used to be a great course for Beginners to get into swift. It’s well explained and I love listening to Angela. But unfortunately the course now is quite outdated and therefore I switched to another one.

  11. Chris Cheng

    It is so amazing and unbelievable, I start to learn Angela’s this iOS course when Shanghai lockdown in May of Year 2022. It really helped me to pickup the programming skills even I have not touch any coding things more than 25 years(I am 51 years old now). And at the end of July, I start to develop an AR Tools App (name: R2 Pro) from the scratch step by step following what I learned from Angela’s course, Finished the main coding work at Nov., then start to submit for Apple Review or fix bugs/improve the UI according to Apple’s Standard. After A long holiday (Christmas, New Year, Chinese Lunar Year) and 5-times review submission, I got Apple Approval. Hooray! my first app released, I am so so happy that I can achieve this, so so Amazing!

    Great thanks to Teacher Angela and Udemy Platform, that really changed my life and bring me more attractive and bright future.
    God bless you, God Bless us!

  12. Abdulla rayes


    To anyone considering buying this course, please don’t. almost everything she says here is totally ancient history and outdated. I have purchased this course in 2022, now reached section 15 and installed Cocoapods which turned out to be the worst, most buggy package manager that I have ever installed on my Mac. The funny part is, that she considers Cocoapods « the best » third library. She is totally irresponsible, and had successfully deceived many students like me to purchase this waste of time, and money!
    If I were you people, I will surely learn from any instructor and avoid this terrible instructor « Angela ».

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