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JavaScript Basics for Beginners

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JavaScript – Master the Fundamentals in 6 Hours

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12 avis pour JavaScript Basics for Beginners

  1. Cesar Vasquez

    Mosh has a way to explain things that is easy to understand, and I really like that he included exercises as a part of his courses, that helps a lot.

  2. Mariah LeeAnne

    It’s clear Mosh is very knowledgeable about this subject, but as a true beginner it was hard to understand. I need a course that’s even more for beginners than this one.

  3. Colin’S Tonfack

    This course is absolutely perfect for beginner, he goes deeply on the subject by showing us how the JavaScript work under the hood to help us have a better understanding of what he is teaching us, finally made it til the end, now need to rewatch some parts to get some points that I have missed and do more practice also the way he speak or teaching is very structured so it impossible to get confused . Good Job Hamedani!

  4. Rishan K Biju

    I previously had some Java skills and once I came to the Javascript course, I could practice more and get a feel for JavaScript more due to all of the practice checkpoints. I enjoyed the course however one topic I wish he had covered is probably DOM because that relates to the functionality side rather than just viewing the output of the code on the console.

  5. Erivan Israel Vazquez Rodriguez

    The instructor gives nice and different examples of scenarios you may find for the many concepts he teaches. Clear and to the point. Highly recommended course for beginners!

  6. Divya Saini

    This course is very well explained, very easy to understand and very helpful for someone who is a beginner.
    Many Thanks for teaching.

  7. Hernán García Urrutia

    Me encanta que el instructor se preocupe por hacer el curso tanto para Mac como para Windows, además que sus explicaciones son bastante claras y sencillas.

  8. Flávio Henrique Almeida Júnior

    I have gained a significant amount of knowledge from this course, however, I would not recommend it for those who are new to JavaScript. It is not geared towards beginners, as the instructor does not provide adequate explanations for new concepts and methods, often assuming prior knowledge of their use.

  9. Pawel Michalowski

    It was my second Java Script course. This one was longer and consisted with much more chapter and exercises. Very good one. 🙂

  10. Gyan kumar


  11. Sitaramka2

    There is no proper flow followed during explaining things. Very randomly explaining different topics one after to other . Very difficult to follow.

  12. Nilesh Zoad

    This technology is new to me and the way of explanation is good, most of the concepts are cleared now…

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