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JavaScript (JS) Algorithms and Data Structures Masterclass

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12 avis pour JavaScript (JS) Algorithms and Data Structures Masterclass

  1. Dusan Milenkovic

    Colt did the amazing job explaining Big(O), different problem solving strategies, algorithms and data structures! I started with low self esteem in writing algorithms and solving problems of that nature, and exited the course as a different person, and definitely with more knowledge in computer science overall.

  2. Martin Mammana

    After a few months learning data-structures, i can say that this course helped me a lot understanding how things work behind the scene.

  3. Cariny Perez

    I’ve taken this course twice to prepare for job interviews. I am amazed at Colt’s ability to explain complex topics in detail and with a great sense of humor. I’d recommend not skipping any videos because all the lessons build on each other, the organizations of topics is 10/10 .

  4. Ioana A. Popa

    I have done quite a few of Colt’s courses, he’s one of the best web development online teachers I have found so far. I will definitely keep learning from his course. This course could use some improvements though. Although the information covered is really great and I feel I have advanced my JS knowledge quite a bit, some parts are missing. There is the info in the slides but the videos for those extras have never been added to the course which is a real shame.


    easy to follow, the teacher really made his effort on elaborating basic concepts, comes with practice opportunities, would totally recommend to those who want to learn algorithms!

  6. Maya Sasson

    It was a good quick overview of data structures and algorithms. I liked the speed of the pacing, but I feel like once it hit section 22, it rushed to the finish. It skipped over implementation of things I consider important like with binary trees, removing nodes from existing branches. It skipped over exploring graph implementation with adjacency matrix as well as adjacency lists. Instead just focusing on adjacency lists.

  7. Lara Fritsche

    This course has been fantastic and watching through it again to refresh my memory from one year ago!

  8. Ramesh Boosa

    This is the Best Course for DataStructures. I strongly recommend this course. The Instructor teaches every single step in the code with call stack. I really enjoyed this course.

  9. Michael Barnes

    I think the instruction and exercises of this course were excellent. The coverage seems very thorough.

    Some of the extra exercises have bugs in them, and while this is an interesting way to test whether students can figure out how to get an accepted answer, I don’t think that is what was intended.

  10. Diego de Blas Mateo

    I promised to update my rating if quality decreased as I reached the end, and since I’m almost at the end of the course, I can confidently say that the quality of the implementations decreases spectacularly for the last 5 or 6 sections, with the author using poor JavaScript patterns (some considered antipatterns), making mistakes that he doesn’t bother to correct, and even implementing lines off-screen (which are unnecessary) that left students confused and wondering about them in the comments. Those comments he never bothered to check, giving you the hint that this course has been abandoned since day 0. Therefore rating reduced. My original review below.

    First things first, the content so far is good in most cases, there are certain mistakes in implementations like hash maps. He also uses very outdated coding practices (almost anti-patterns), like always using var though. Finally space complexity is omitted for most data structures. I’m not sure yet if it’s so bad to deserve one less star…. if the quality were to decrease further as I reach the end of the course then I’ll edit the review.

    Then… why the low rating? Well, the thing is that the engagement of the author with this course is incredibly sub-par. You purchase courses here instead of completing free courses in YouTube or other sources because of the added value of being in touch with the authors if questions were to arise. Now, if it were just because of the engagement, the rating would have been slightly higher, but on top of that the author promised sections that were never done, and this course is not precisely new… On top of that, it’s obvious that the author is creating other contents, which makes it painfully clear that this course is indeed abandoned, which is a shame since it could have been a good one, but to add insult to injury, the author keeps updating trivial things like video titles just so that the course page in Udemy gives the impression that the course is up to date, for more people to naively purchase it because “it was updated last month”, which I consider the closest thing to a soft scam… Unfortunately, being like that I cannot recommend it to anyone, but I’ll be happy to change my review if the author were to deliver.

  11. Mohit Bhardwaj

    Great course by Colt Steele. Good coverage, nice conversational style of the instructor helped in keeping me engaged. I feel confident about the concepts after going through the course. Concepts were explained so nicely that I was able to implement most of the solutions myself after going through the psuedocode chapters. And all of that in my favourite language – JavaScript.

    I didn’t give 5 stars because of following reasons only:
    1. Some of the content needs to be updated e.g. some of the exercises were not working at all. And there is mention of KMP algorithm in some sections, but it’s not there in the course. I think it’s better to remove the mentioning of this algorithm, that gives the students a feeling that the course is being kept up-to-date.
    2. This point is not actually a drawback, but more of a suggestion. Similar to the slides for each section, there should be a combined PDF for the whole course in the end, so that we have a single PDF file that we can use to revise the whole course quickly if needed.

  12. Kathy Laird

    The course is good. But the instructor ignores Q&As.
    The last section, we can’t see the tests that our programs are running against, therefore make it hard to fix our code, let alone that we have doubt about the correctness of the tests. Therefore it is hard for us to complete the course.

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