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JavaScript – The Complete Guide 2023 (Beginner + Advanced)

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Modern JavaScript from the beginning – all the way up to JS expert level! THE must-have JavaScript resource in 2023.

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12 avis pour JavaScript – The Complete Guide 2023 (Beginner + Advanced)

  1. Glen Davies

    This course starts off really well, it has lots of info that has helped me get back into the JS groove after not paying any attention to JS for a long time, but I do feel the course is let down by having a portion of the course being out of date.

  2. Den D.

    Great content. It can be easily seen that Max put a lot of thought and effort into this course. Thanks.

  3. Andrew Perez

    the course was explained in a concise manner and well thought out. there were easy to follow instructions and materials provided throughout as well.

  4. Tolga Erdoğmuş

    Subject is hard yes, Max is a good tutor yes but he seriously needs to reconsider his examples in videos. They are unnecessarily complicated and obviously not prepared/pre written before recording as they have lots of mistakes in it which he continously fixes them by changing x and y every second and sometimes “hacky” techniques. This feels like you train boxing and learning throwing punches and Mike Tyson comes to beat you at the end of the day. And by no means i am a newbie, i am an enthusiastic developer who likes to learn and do silly things for fun since 2004 and watched tons of videos since.

  5. Mohammed Ali

    Very detailed course and was very helpful. A lot of talk and verbose description, but is needed though at times, I believe. Thanks for the detailed explanation. Kudo’s to your efforts on this course.

  6. Filip Albert

    Maximilian’s courses are really the best. The JavaScript one was packed with a lot of content and even I was using JavaScript everyday before starting the course, it had a lot to offer and helped me a lot.

  7. MP Wdev

    All that you need to start and continue with JavaScript in this course (structured, covered most of the main topics (Dev env setup, debugs, OOP, best practices, code samples and additional links)).
    I recommend this and other courses from Max & Manuel = Academind to be on your library and your Dev Head-Mind. Thank you Teachers.

  8. Robert Hieger

    I am a long time fan of Maximillian Schwarzmüller’s courses. They take a hefty investment of time, but you come out on the other side knowing far more than you did before. And not just knowing the concept, but how to apply the concept practically.

    I encourage anyone interested in developing to subscribe to his YouTube Channel for Academind. The short tutorials found there are worth their weight in gold.

    Thanks to Max. This course is a long haul, but I am learning. And I will not give up.

  9. Waleed Ibraheem

    Great course with a lot of detail and clear explanation, I only thought the part of google map API might need to be updated

  10. Kevin Peeters

    As with many of these courses, they were brilliant the first 6 months after they got released, but as technology moves on the only thing that gets updated is the title and some annotations. It is probably still the best course to get on Javascript but be prepared to face moments of figuring out where the course material doesn’t match current versions of the technology used, and can get you stuck unless someone has finally answered the course questions.

  11. Karim Allush

    I love the assignment. Max is well spoken and makes u feel like he holding ur hand trough it and helping you with the things u dont understand and when it comes to assignments and exercices, its good to have a solution to make sure we understood how the coding works

  12. Jemal Khachidze

    Quite interesting course but in some parts really very hard to follow.

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