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JavaScript: Understanding the Weird Parts

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An advanced JavaScript course for everyone! Scope, closures, prototypes, ‘this’, build your own framework, and more.

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12 avis pour JavaScript: Understanding the Weird Parts

  1. Akshay Sharma

    Always grateful to Anthony for such a clear and detailed course.

  2. Cogent IBS

    i consider an advance and compleate course, i’ve learned a lot of new topics of JS

  3. Daniel Jadczak

    Very much outdated.
    Don’t recommend for junior devs to go through this course in 2022.
    You will learn a lot of stuff that is not valid or used anymore.
    Find a course that focuses more on updated Ecmascript JS

  4. Ishan Vyas

    Great tutorials and explained and clear real fundamentals of JS, Functions.

  5. Bo Louie

    Tony has a deep understanding of JavaScript and a brilliant way of delivering the concepts, in a concise, gradual and cohesive fashion. This course has a pleasant structure, flow, and style that keeps you motivated and hooked on what Tony’s got to teach about what’s going on under the hood! I’m just at the beginning of my JavaScript journey but I feel better equipped and have come to really appreciate this programming language, thanks to this course. I can’t wait to dive into Nodejs with Tony next!

  6. Jeff Simpson

    As others have mentioned, this is an excellent course to take. The teaching style made the content understandable and easy to consume. Even though the course covers ES5, the content is foundational and most will still apply as you move forward with new features. If you are going to be using JavaScript for development, this is the course to take.

  7. Federico Degiovanni

    Es un curso muy copado.

    LLeva de a poco el conocimiento, con muy buenos ejemplos practicos.

    Habla en un ingles claro y que con subtitulos en ingles, se logra entender todo.

    Me gusta mucho los frenos que hace cuando aparece una palabra de la que se debe conocer mejor su significado.

    Muy bien estructurado!

  8. Michael Skeen

    Wonderful explanations of the ‘weird parts’ of JavaScript. Highly highly recommend! (Being trained in regular programming languages, I’ve been confused by JavaScript since I first encountered it some years ago, and this has helped clear up MUCH of my confusion!) Thanks to Tony for a wonderful course!

  9. James Mwaura

    This instructor is has a talent for explaining complex concepts in a simple way that I was able to understand. I am now hooked to the world of programming! Tony’s courses are so well presented, he leaves you no choice but to be not just a better programmer but to raise your standards in whatever you do. I thank you Tony!

  10. Miguel Mejia

    Amazing, this should an initate course to take for every frontend and backend developer expecting to grow in JS technologies!

  11. Gerlie Reyes

    Now I understand a lot of weird things in Javascript that I was just wondering about before. The explanation is very in detail and clear.

  12. Jose Trejos

    Getting a JS interview soon in 2023? Hands down, this is the perfect course. From very basic stuff to very complex and deep topics.

    Tony has a very clear and calm way to explain. He shows many examples through out the course.

    I love it, this will be my go to refresh any JS topic.

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