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Jenkins, From Zero To Hero: Become a DevOps Jenkins Master

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Become a DevOps Master learning Jenkins & integrations with powerful tools like Docker, Ansible, AWS, GIT & more!

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12 avis pour Jenkins, From Zero To Hero: Become a DevOps Jenkins Master

  1. 金子純

    This course is very worthless.
    We could study various things, Jenkins, Docker, Gitlab etc.. from this course. Some information is not the last updated information however we can find some hints in Q&A section.
    I recommend to throug this course many times for the begginer like me.

  2. Rakhmat Kurnia

    Great so far but its also hard course because this is the practical course. We need to follow all the practical step at our computer. All teacher need to do is how to make this course up to date because of change in this technology is so fast, especially for the technical issue like how to install something with the latest version or fixed error because of that change… But overall its Great !!!

  3. Gaurav Ramesh

    The course was very useful and got to know lots of functionality of jenkins . Jenkins set up on windows if included would be great and concept of slave nodes .

  4. Tom Tony

    This is a good course, but the part on git hooks was not working properly as it @hashed on newer gitlab version and also I tried with custom_hooks and hooks but it was still not working. Please update that part.

  5. Alex Rodrigues

    It’s a good course but you DO need to have some background with Docker, Linux and Shell Scripting, otherwise the information you’re gonna receive is gonna be too overwhelming, trust me. The course is pretty fast-paced and if you don’t understand these you’re gonna get lost, trust me.

  6. Owusu Bernard

    Course is very detailed but fast-paced so following it as a beginner was pretty difficult.


  7. Sushil Kumar

    Section-2 was worst explained which is the basic of this entire course. Now Section-3 is well explained. So overall good.
    Section-4 was well explained. But the course is recorded long back and Jenkins build has changed a lot after that. So we should refer Q&A section to rectify our issues which is going in middle. Instructor has good knowledge.

  8. Diego Serrano Ermilio

    Muy sencillo y explicado paso a paso para que entiendas la magia detras de la automatizacion

  9. Amaury MEUGNIER

    Cours un peu vieillissant sur certains points mais reste d’actualité et très intéressant.
    Nécessiterait toutefois certaine review avec de nouvelles versions pour plus d’exactitudes.

  10. Shoufeng Yang

    Ricardo gave up on this course, so i is important YOU DON’T WASTE money on this, as you are surely going to get stuck on 46, do not take it and DO not purchase it, you will regret!

  11. Saravanan N k

    Course content is very good. The course is outdated, but with little curiosity we can complete it by troubleshooting the issues we face, and it gives us pleasure of learning and applying the logic. I am fully satisfied with the course content. Thanks Ricardo!!

  12. Akash A N

    Some Advance concepts like Shared Library are not covered and integrating Jenkins with Kubernetes are all not covered.

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