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Learn and Understand AngularJS: Build a Single Page Application

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Master AngularJS and the Javascript concepts behind it, design custom directives, and build a single page application.

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12 avis pour Learn and Understand AngularJS: Build a Single Page Application

  1. David Shoup

    The instructor declared at the beginning that he wanted to simplify the complicated, but he failed to explain, in the first place, precisely what processes Angular performed or simplified. Instead he starts showing all the cool little (apparently useless) gadgets there are in the Angular toolbox. What is the BIG PICTURE? What does Angular actually DO? I don’t know, and the instructor has not yet told me. I am wasting my time.

  2. Ricardo Medeiros Lourenco

    Fabulous course, even in 2022. It helped me great to understand the underlines of Angular, also gave me a better understanding why some things are the way they are in Angular 2 as well.
    I definitely recommend this course, before you learn Angular 2+

  3. Bertha Estrada

    Hola, esto fue muy informativo y que Dios los bendiga buenas personas. ¡Nuestra Señora de Guadalupe, ruega por todos nosotros en estos tiempos oscuros! Que podamos usar todos estos nuevos conocimientos técnicos para difundir las buenas obras del mismo Jesucristo que dijo: “Paz a vosotros. Como me envió el Padre, así también os envío yo”.

  4. Michal Lev

    Although I am not sure this material is still relevant since we are now already at Angular5.0 and I know there’s a huge difference since Angular2 – I feel this should make it a lot easier for me to proceed with Angular2 and beyond. I only took this course because of Anthony Alicea and the way he makes things so bright and easy to grasp.

  5. Erwin Atuli

    I clearly understand everything he says in the Video, btw thanks

  6. Sascha Seidel

    Although the course is based on an early, now outdated version of AngularJS, I still learned a lot of interesting facts about some internals of the framework (such as the compile function with pre-link and post-link property).

    In addition, I liked that the author separated the sample project into multiple JS files at the very end, and also touched upon services in large applications. This is very important in real-world projects and a lot of courses miss this aspect. They just showcase features in small examples that are far from reality, if you work as a professional developer.

    One suggestion though: Listening to most of the course on a headset, it really distracted me to constantly hear that loud typing sound of the tutor’s keyboard. Next time, maybe, shield the recording from background noise a little better.

  7. Ethan Kaplan

    I wish you would’ve explained why you used .htm files instead of the standard .html files.

  8. Ajay Singh Rana

    Amazing teacher . He focuses on the basics and foundation which helps a lot

  9. Carlos A Perez

    The professor defines terms lucidly and explains complex ideas simply. Learned the basics of a framework for which I was struggling. Definitely recommend!

  10. Riyan Das

    Thanks for explaining the concepts so lucidly

  11. Abhisush Shinde

    superb explanation and superb teacher, thanks a ton, keep teaching and
    keep spreading knowledge as it is real power

  12. shoba karthik

    Great course

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