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Learn Apache Spark 3 with Scala: Hands On with Big Data!

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Apache Spark tutorial with 20+ hands-on examples of analyzing large data sets, on your desktop or on Hadoop with Scala!

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12 avis pour Learn Apache Spark 3 with Scala: Hands On with Big Data!

  1. Yogesh Kumar

    most of the concepts are good knowledge wise but it could have been better with more example sets in section 3 and section 4 with more elaborated ways

  2. Artur Nigmatullin

    The course actually shows the details about Spark, and its libraries. I liked that the author explains how Spark works from inside, in simple words. I’d like to see a little more examples for working with datasets and dataframes but for starters that’s ideal.

  3. Ajay Sreekumar

    It was a good introductory course on understanding how Spark programming works as well as introducing the cores and various functionalities on offer.

  4. R Cunningham

    Great overview of Spark with a nice overview of Scala included. Great work. The explanation for the nuances between RDD’s, dataframes, and datasets was very helpful to me.

    In my case, I am using Spark with Hadoop but not sure that will be covered in much depth in this course. In either case, I think I’ll have enough foundation from this course to hopefully get me set to interact with Hadoop (and Hive) as well from Spark. But, perhaps at least a brief intro to those concepts in this course would be helpful to folks in my situation as well (if not already included somewhere here).

  5. Carlos Saltos

    A hands on Spark class with very realistic and interesting cases distilled from real life battles … a very valuable know how available here for all of us.

    Amazing class !! … Thank you very much Kane !!

  6. Kommi Venkatesh

    I have learnt so much here to propose my technical changes into my project

  7. Juan I. Hernandez

    It’s the best course about spark/scala using the actual language and not some api in python or things like that. Every lecture has an explanation and code you can write and run to practice what you’re learning, and the examples are relevant and about things you could end up doing at work. Excellent course

  8. Julio Leon

    I think is quite complete the content that you can find in this course and the extra sections also have interesting info

  9. Gulshan Kumar

    More functions of data frame explanation would be better to understand.

  10. Harikrishnan R

    Can be considered an excellent starting point.

  11. Amira ASTA

    So far the constructer is very clear and explains everything step by step

  12. Kamil Murawski

    Course itself is really nice, but I is lacking some introduction to Hadoop project for a better understanding the basics.

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