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Learn DevOps: CI/CD with Jenkins using Pipelines and Docker

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Use Jenkins the DevOps way. Automate your Jenkins jobs by using Jenkins Pipelines, Docker, and the Jenkins Job DSL

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12 avis pour Learn DevOps: CI/CD with Jenkins using Pipelines and Docker

  1. Venkat Ramanathan

    Advanced concepts were good.
    Prompt and well explained responses to all my questions.
    Wish have more CD videos included in future

  2. Dhanasekar Murugesan

    Thanks to the author Edward Viaene. The course has been structered very well. But I face a problem with the Author explaining it while doing labs. There are many factors involved in it. Everyone who bought this course has come to learn from author. But the author is not explaining it very well. Though his slang is different which we cannot blame, but he is not using the same tone and speech while explaining but he mumbles. He murmurs. For example, see the introduction video, where his English and explantion is so good. But in the middle it is very difficult to follow him. I sincerely want to give this feedback and not to hurt the author. Definitely there should be improvement in the explanation side. Content wise it is so good. Thank you Edward.

  3. Kirill Smirnov

    The course is a little outdated. In addition, personally, I don’t like when a lecturer copy-pastes a lot of prepared things rather than gives the opportunity to be more interactive with the student by writing the code.

  4. Amit Simhi

    I expected to understand more what am doing , rather than you doing and me just copying the things you are doing

  5. Shabuktagin Photon Khan

    This course offers great example on few integrations

    Some of the basics of Jenkins was not very clear to me. I ended going to youtube to re-learn about it. Some of the sections in Jenkins could have done locally for udemy purpose.

    There wasn’t exactly the go-through of the groovy syntaxes, the codes were mostly already in the github repository and the instructor just highlights the syntaxes as he explains it by. I prefer the instructor writes the groovy code line by line and go through huddles that he or we might face.

  6. Sergey Pertsev

    It’s really great course! I’ve been using jenkins for 9 years and got a lot of new information about methods and practices.

  7. Alfredo Mayorga

    It was a good overview of Jenkins and it’s integrations. Unfortunately the large amount of information in this course is only briefly touch leaving you with more questions than answers.

  8. Roberto Vergara Ordaz

    Aun no he podido realizar los ejercicios porque no tengo problema para instalar jenkins

  9. Ruy Silva De Almeida

    I think this course could be updated to Docker not be the center of Jenkins installation, since Docker is not free for all types of use anymore.

  10. Goh Yong Yu Jeffrey

    While the lecturer is pretty concise in just jenkins CI/CD teachings, I find the total duration too short for now. There are quite a few jenkins integration examples but still too short for me.

  11. Sechaba Chabeli

    Was struggling with Digital Ocean, at least try to instruct on alternatives you mentioned for how to use docker without Digital Ocean, don’t just refer them.

  12. Marko Ambrož

    This is a very new topic for me. But it is explained in a precise and inspiring way, which I particularly appreciate.

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