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Learn Docker Despite Your Busy DevOps/Developer Schedule

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Learn how to develop and deploy web applications with Docker technologies. Take your DevOps skills to the next level.

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12 avis pour Learn Docker Despite Your Busy DevOps/Developer Schedule

  1. Lingam Venkateswarlu

    The content is not suitable for the present days(2022). It was created in 2017/2018. So, updates are missing in this video. Its ok to get basic info.

  2. Mrinalini Verma

    Loved the course . Although this course needs some updation as docker machine is deprecated and many more features are added .Docker is much improved now so can be used in production env too.

  3. Jeffrey Chimezie Osamor

    I find this course helpful. But it lacks practice test at the end of topic. If we can have that, it’ll be helpful to evaluate ones understanding in this course. Thank you

  4. James Frullo

    It really seems like the audio for the course is generated by a text-to-speech engine. Odd mistakes are made when saying words that don’t sound like human mistakes. The content is good, but the delivery is very monotonic, staggered, and just weird. Also, the course being from 2018, it is now pretty dated, although all the examples work.

  5. Karthick S8

    A good overview on docker. Clear explanation and Fascinating information about this cutting edge technology and helpful reference notes. The example codes and docker compose files provided can be upgraded to current versions though. On the whole a great course to begin with docker. Thanks for the great course!

  6. Javier Gutierrez

    Everything was clear, I learn a lot for my first approach to Docker.

  7. Yusen ZHOU

    it was recommanded by one of our container expert, saying although this lecture is bit old but still the best to cover all concepts with simpliest explainations, I’ve enjoyed it very much, thanks a lot!!

  8. Poul Ryste Hansen

    Generally easily to follow course, the only reason I can’t give the last star is that I feel there should’ve been a comprehensive section on volumes, which is really needed for both development and production mode.

  9. Marcus Mullins

    Excellent comparison of physical vs virtual vs containerized environments.

  10. Christian Arzu

    Straight to the point, no redundant information, and not all over the place. Ideal for a 1 day quick overview

  11. Antoine Dorcin

    It is a good course, but as a beginner, I expected to see the structure of the .yml file, why you use different tag like services, docker, etc. are reserved words that we need to use when creating the yml file or we can user our own?


  12. Ashwin Daniel Vedhanayagam

    Thank you. All were covered and definitely it will assist a fresher with more understanding. It would be great if you could check the text caption in English, which mismatch and require lot of corrections.

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