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Learn Ethical Hacking with Python Hacker Training Course

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Start from 0 & learn both topics simultaneously from scratch by writing 20+ hacking programs

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12 avis pour Learn Ethical Hacking with Python Hacker Training Course

  1. Miguel Tuda Bragado

    I’ve loved this course, Zaid is very clear in his explanations and when I had a doubt the team answered me. I’ve actually purchased other courses, so I’ll keep going with the learning

  2. Paul Seville

    Reduced to half star because some functions demonstrated do not work. I think sites have been updated with more security. The course needs to update accordingly to be meaningful.

  3. David Hall

    The instruction was clear and easy to follow, however these videos need to be updated as Python 2 is depreciated, Scapy has been restructured and there are other issues because the code is over four years old in some places. That’s the only reason I didn’t give this five stars.

  4. Danail Lesev

    Just finished the course. Really good. I learned a lot of new libraries in Python and how to use them. Really cool programms written in Python and really good explanations for everything. Definitely will went trough the course again to refresh some things but this was way more than I expected. Will check some other course of the lector !!

  5. Nick

    Awesome course. Learnt loads and the support in the Q&A section is quick and very helpful. I can heartily recommend this course

  6. merveille mani

    I’m about to change my career, and this has been so helpful. Zaid is the best. May Allah S.A.W bless him.

  7. Robert Wright

    This course is excellent, it was exactly what I needed to give me a practical understanding of how python can be used in ethical hacking.

  8. John Semands

    Excellent! Instructor communicates very well. Examples are done well.

  9. Peter Achoki

    I’m a newbie in programming and so far it has been very easy to follow. In case I don’t understand I just re-watch the videos and get the explanation in a better way.

  10. Samuel Dupre

    It has been a fantastic match for me and even though some things have changed, it is still an incredible and informative course. Much better than any other instruction I have had the pleasure to learn.

  11. Jurijs Kolomijecs

    Although the content of the course is really good, there are several issues I’d like to highlight:
    * the code is focused on deprecated Python 2. There are sections to update the code to Python 3, but having deprecated version of programming language is not what I would expect
    * lots of URLs in examples from first 10 sections are not working anymore, course content is not updated. You have to search through Q&A section and all around the Internet to determine whether you made a typo in your code or website is more strict in security and the code simply doesn’t work anymore
    * sources are not available, you have to follow and code with teacher. Combining with bullet above it’s a mystery when you can’t reproduce website hacking and takes really lots of time to find the root cause.

  12. Jim Bikas

    Very nice presentation of networking principles, using simple python.
    Perfect for newcomers into programming, but also giving a lot food for thought for more experienced programmers!!

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