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Learn HTML5 Programming From Scratch

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The ultimate HTML5 Tutorial for beginners. Over 37 lectures and 8+ hours of video content.

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12 avis pour Learn HTML5 Programming From Scratch

  1. Miroslav Mandic

    Most of the time it was just copy-paste code and then very brief explanation of what that code is doing, if I didn’t already know basics of HTML and javascript I would be totally lost.

  2. Geek Gryphon


  3. Eunice Christian

    This course is definitely a good match for me; it has been many years since I have learned HTML coding. I am in the early stages of this course, but can share with confidence that I am grateful for the teaching style of the instructor.

  4. Jordan

    Second half seems to be a little bit out-dated. Would be nice to have the earlier instructor re-do the second half of the course with newer material.

  5. Chigozie Michael Omenazu

    It is is well structured and timed to allow for practice and retainment.

  6. Samriddhi Nayak

    It is a perfect course for those who want to learn html5 in detail. for that one needs to learn the basics of CSS, js, bootstrap, and Html. Thank you so much for this course.

  7. Karine Bedran

    yea its already been said before
    but the second guy wasnt that good and i wont recommend him to anyone i hate

  8. Kiran K

    its good about detailed inform its easy to learn & nice explination

  9. Temitope Andrew

    Excellent course, well detail and beginner friendly. I highly recommend this course to any beginners.

  10. David Gewin

    yes. great learning so far.

  11. Dmitri Yanov-Yanovsky

    Great course!!!

  12. Teknikforce Ventures

    the best

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