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Learn JIRA with real-world examples (+Confluence bonus)

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Learn to work on, manage & administer agile projects with this comprehensive course on JIRA Software & Confluence

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12 avis pour Learn JIRA with real-world examples (+Confluence bonus)

  1. Hari Ramachandran

    The most of the topics are covered with Jira and Confluence and easy understandable without working as well(might be facing little difficult recollect but somehow help will help.
    The one suggestion, Additional exercises should be given with the step by step notes, so that user can try on its own and understand well.

    Thanks for your time and effort on this.

  2. Julia Titova

    Great course, thank you! In-depth review of Jira/Confluence features and available options, one can test and use widely in their practice.

  3. Rachael Akinyede

    Very detailed! I learned enough to get me up and running with setting up Jira and Confluence for my organization.

  4. Winnie He

    The course was easy to follow, and covered everything in detail. I liked that they also went back in later on to add notes about updates, which helps with people using different versions. Definitely good for beginners.

  5. Sangam Chidrewar

    Nice concepts I have learn many thing related to jira and confluence. i am recommending this course to new user.

  6. Claudia Mariana Oltmanns

    The course is long and static. It is difficult to follow the videos without getting bored. I think there are many points and tips that are useful but there are also other things that could be learned already using the application that are not necessary to explain in detail. I also think that the course is a bit old since both Jira and confluence have changed and it would be necessary to update the videos or at least specify in the description up to what date the videos are updated. I would have also liked to have a little more information about Jira Management.

  7. Ekaterina Sevashko

    It was a really helpful course! I learned a lot about JIRA and Confluence in a short time. All the information is clear and greatly visualized. Thanks!

  8. Jordan Foltz

    He goes into so much detail you forget what he covered in the section before. It would be a good audio book, but a learning resource or a quick resource to get basic steps absolutely not. I don’t need the history of every key and every widget ever put in the system. He explains what the login button does, over explaining made a 5-6 hour course into 11-12 hours. Don’t explain the obvious, unless its vital don’t tell me why you didn’t fill out a certain box or moved the mouse instead of hot keys. Sometimes less is more, get to the point. This isn’t a PHD thesis defense.

  9. Stuart Ong

    Great course – contents comprehensive but will require continual practice as new features and functions are constantly introduced.

  10. Jorge Carreño

    This was an incredible course, some much coverage and the instructor knows a lot about the software and it’s functionalities, It’s a pity that now in 2023 there was so much changed that sometimes I got a bit confused but, overall I recomend it

  11. Amir Saeed

    These are the topics that were great.
    These are platform that we feel were okay and we liked them and think they could be improved.

  12. Jacques Foka Fotie

    le cours correspondait à mes attentes; j’y ai appris pas mal de choses qui m’étaient inconnues. Désormais j’ai une meilleure connaissance de Jira et de ses fonctionnalités .

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