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Learn JMETER from Scratch on Live Apps -Performance Testing

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Top class Jmeter lectures explaining Load testing with real time examples including material and query support

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12 avis pour Learn JMETER from Scratch on Live Apps -Performance Testing

  1. Chiranjeevi Ch

    Covered most of the parts that organizations use. Once we are well known with these we can upgrade ourselves on the remaining topics. Hope more topics will be updated in future.


    This course is far far better than any other institutional course. Rahul Sir cleared all the concepts in simple and practical manner, giving the confidence that we can easily work on real time project. Thank you Rahul Shetty sir from bottom of the heart. Going ahead now with yours next course of selenium.

  3. Salavemula Kowsar

    Excellent teaching by Rahul shetty, he will teach from scratch. Thank u for providing this course. I hope u will provide more concepts in testing field.

  4. Mansi Arora

    It was an overall good learning experience. Every topic is explained in a better manner. Would surely recommend this course who is looking to learn more about Performance Testing.

  5. Ana Baptista

    It had good examples, but sometimes not all doubts/issues situations were explained.
    Difficult to sometimes follow for those who didn’t have a firefox browser.
    Thank you
    It had good examples, but sometimes not all doubts/issues situations were explained.
    Difficult to sometimes follow for those who didn’t have a firefox browser.
    Thank you

  6. Prathyusha Y

    I have high-level knowledge of JMeter, I wanted to go into depth and learn more about JMeter this course helped me so much. feels like I am ready for interviews

  7. Riya Basak

    The following sections are missing in this tutorial:
    1. Dynamic Token generation which will be embedded in the header manager for a sampler.
    2. HTML reporting
    3. How to check the host server performance

  8. Akshay Mishra1

    I was able to understand the concept and working of Jmeter, thanks to this course. Special thanks to the instructor whos explanation was easy to understand.

  9. Mithun kumar

    I would highly recommend this course to learn from very basic level. Thank you so much Rahul sir for the wonderful course

  10. Timea Csudom

    I really enjoyed this course, it helped me learn JMeter from scratch, to understand main functionalities of the app. I am very satisfied that it went through all the useful and important topics.
    The only thing that I would object is the fact that almost all examples are in Firefox, and I prefer to use Chrome for mostly all my tasks as a QA.

  11. Monal Modha

    So over all I have learned a lot from this JMETER class, Rahul sir’s instruction were awesome, simple to understand and follow. For the Mac users the application Web Tours was of no use since it runs on Windows, so in some lectures only way to follow is to use but even in that the Login and Register did not worked, so correlation lecture was hard to follow when practicing. Honestly I was disappointed a little.
    Rahul sir please consider my request if you create future lectures please use application that work for both MAC and Windows and instruction for both etc. I really enjoyed learning Sir Rahul’s lectures. Thank you.

  12. Vasanthakumar Palanichamy

    Easy to folllow and step by step gudience by the author makes the new user in comfort zone to work on it. I would like see, more detailed sectionon how JMeter can be used for Functional testing effectively and other features that can be incorporated, even though this course touches this topic and more concentrated on performance testing metrics. Good teaching !

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