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Learn Modern Javascript (Build and Test Apps) – Full Course

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The modern JavaScript course for everyone! Master JavaScript with projects, challenges and theory. Many courses in one!

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12 avis pour Learn Modern Javascript (Build and Test Apps) – Full Course

  1. Emeaso

    Indeed I feel great taking this course, its never a wasted adventure. The facilitator did justice to it and I look forward taking some of his other course.

  2. Peter Casgar

    Great course. I did start from zero, just over a year ago (late 2020). Now (late 2022), I just set up my first serverless site using vercel. Built a scraping api that my page calls for content. My next step is to package it all into one project using a compiler, which jonas runs through later on in the course. Jonas, in case read these, do you have a course or recommend a course for setting up a back end using sql server? Cheers. Definitely recommend the course.

  3. Alusine Sesay

    The best JavaScript course. Not only the best but the complete JavaScript, which the instructor teaches you all you need to know about JavaScript. I am really happy for the instructor. He knows how to teach, and he explains everything you need to know thanks to you sir for such an amazing course.

  4. 황성재

    I took other JS courses from Udemy but still this one is the best.

    I wish Jonas to publish React.js, Next.js and TypeScript courses as well in the future.

  5. Shahzaib Ahmed

    As a developer, I love this course and I’m sure this is one of the best JavaScript courses at any platform. It crystal clear all my concepts. Jonas you helped me to seek my career now I am working as BED Developer.


  6. Ana Džolić

    Very good course. I recommend it to everyone. Jonas is an outstanding teacher. And the rest of the team is always ready (and quick) to help and replay in Q&A. Thank you for everything!

  7. Dean Koski

    Excellent course. Excellent instructor. Topics were well explained and in deep detail. The course offers so much more value than I expected to receive. As a beginner learning to program with JavaScript I took in many different sources but this course was the core foundation I kept returning to for my learning. Can’t recommend this enough and can’t wait for Jonas’s React course.

  8. T. Timothy Tran

    Amazing course! Started out knowing literally nothing and afterwards learned A LOT of material, but in a digestible way. Wouldn’t recommend any other front end JavaScript course.

    Only problem I had was the very last project where we had to use the terminal to init. Wasn’t able to do the project because of that. Should disclose that Jonas uses a Mac while I was using Windows.

  9. Sebastian Manco Gomez

    thanks jonas, this is ameazing JS course, your style form learning is unique. After putting in a lot of work and dedication, I was able to apply for my first job as a dev and change my life in a brutal way.

  10. Aleksa Ojdanic

    This course is absolutely amazing, sometimes can get very complex and hard, but revisit everything you don’t understand a second time, and it just becomes perfectly clear. Well done Jonas and team, I hope to see some library/framework course soon too (React) 😀
    Cheers! ^^

  11. Ricardo

    It was a super good course, Jonas has a great way of structuring the course and is really good at explaining things. I like how this went deeper into some basic coding theory to set up a nice foundation. He gives you all the necessary building blocks needed to start your journey as a developer.

  12. Christopher Handscomb

    1, Jonas is a very patient teacher who describes every detail of the knowledge. However, most teachers have a similar problem which is they always say literally what’s on the book basically. not interesting and helpful enough.
    2, Jonas’ small challenges in the first few sections are outstanding! They improved my skills and pushed me to think a little bit more. That’s why I couldn’t concentrate very often on the last major project section where the only thing I did was just copying Jonas’ code.

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