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Learn Python for Data Science, Structures, Algorithms, Interviews

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Learn how to use NumPy, Pandas, Seaborn , Matplotlib , Plotly , Scikit-Learn , Machine Learning, Tensorflow , and more!

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12 avis pour Learn Python for Data Science, Structures, Algorithms, Interviews

  1. Shyam Sunder Hati

    Great course to get started in the field of Data Science and Machine Learning. The course was structured, simple to understand with numerous examples to practice what is learnt. The instructor’s clear explanations with engaging delivery of lectures made the learning experience all the more exciting. The teaching assistants were always prompt in resolving queries along the way.


    Had a great course with Jose. Even though some of the commands were already outdated, he and his team made it a point to clarify the changes at the start of each project. I also took Data Science and Machine learning with R!

  3. Jenson T Mathew

    At first, the lectures are very clear and easily understandable even if I come from a non-IT background. But in the end, he is speeding up the classes,just writing the programs without trying to make us understand.
    Majority of the codes are outdated also.

  4. Brian Crimmins

    Great course to learn programming for DS/ML. Students should have a background in Data Science before starting. My only recommendation is that the instructors would add a lecture or two to tie together all the disparate concepts: KNN, SVM, PCA, NLP, etc.

  5. Kennett W. Saari

    This course certainly addressed my needs, as it was brimming with useful information that not only expanded my understanding of Python in general, but particularly libraries relevant to data science. Additionally, it introduced me to machine learning concepts and how to implement them in Python. Overall, it was a massive amount of material to digest at one time. I expect to selectively revisit segments of this course moving forward to ensure that I can fully grasp and retain the most relevant subject matter to my task work.


    If you’re looking for a starter course that will take you by hand and “help you cross the street” step by step, this course is for you.
    The instructor was amazing, knows a lot of stuff and demonstrate to have several years of experience. This course was exactly what I needed!
    However, one thing that bothered me and is good to know: the lessons were recorded a few years ago and some stuff are slightly different nowadays. In general, you can find new instructions in the Q&A section, but somethimes it’s take a considerable time.

  7. Uday Kavale

    This course gives a very good introduction to Data Science and its capabilities. All the topics are explained in very simple manner along with hands on tutorials. Overall it gives you good confidence on being able to start a career in Data Science and Machine Learning.

  8. James Grota

    This was best Udemy course I have ever taken! I thought Mr. Portilla did a great job of explaining things and used wonderful examples to convey the message! I highly recommend this course for anyone looking to increase their data science skills using Python and Python related Packages / Libraries.

  9. Enrique Bernal

    José is one of the best teachers. This course is awesome, full packet with a lot of information. I’ll need several rounds of it to digest all the material.

  10. Vinicius Chaguri

    This is a great course, especially the first half of it: Python fundamentals, pandas, numpy, seaborn, matplotlib. The machine learning part is OK, gives you a general idea of the concept and applications, but doesn’t provide too much explanation.
    Some sections were too quick and not very well explained.
    Also note that many functions and methods used in that part of the course is dated and you might need some google search to find the current method.
    Overall, a great course!
    Jose is extremely knowledgeable about the topics.

  11. Jordan Reaves

    Needs to be updated. Spent way too much time looking for the fixes for the updates.

  12. Agus Eka Maharta

    Some materials are outdated but overall this was a very good course that gives you a foundation on data science and machine learning. Both theory and practice. I literally landed a job as a data scientist before completing this course! Thank you, Jose!

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