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Learn Python for Data Structures, Algorithms & Interviews

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Get a kick start on your career and ace your coding interviews!

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12 avis pour Learn Python for Data Structures, Algorithms & Interviews

  1. Haohan Yang

    Still hard to understand the specific algorithm and Jose just simply repeated the words and there is hardly new thing he said in the interview questions answers

  2. Shubhi Puntambekar

    Most of the part were theoretical and read through sessions. Could have been more practical.

  3. Sourena MOOSAVI

    I have been looking for online courses about algorithms and data structure and I tried a couple of courses from well known online learning platform but none of them was well constructed and presented. I continued my search for better lectures and I found this lecture which right away took my attention with its introduction and syllabus. I should admit so far I am more than impressed. Kudos to the instructor.

  4. Hisay Lama

    I appreciate the effort given by the instructor in preparing the material which I found is largely taken from “Problem Solving with Algorithms and Data Structures using Python”.
    I will be honest with the rating and share my view. First of all, I applaud the instructor for his time and effort in preparing the course structure. I finished 30% of the course and finding it hard to move forward further. I chose this course by seeing the rating > 4, but I found the concepts and material is not just enough for what I wanted to learn. Therefore, I am opting to read the book and follow lectures. Having said that, I also want to emphasise that I am not convinced about the linked list, Trees.

  5. Syed Wasif Simnani

    Well, it’s average, it does not elaborate on things.

  6. Shiva Nand Chaudhari

    If this course provide with animation videos then it would be great , With Animation it’s essay to understand how it’s work

  7. Sudarshan Basu

    great one to learn about python data structure..

  8. Pangunuri Sai Avaniessh

    please update this

  9. Andrew Brase

    Jose is great at explaining complex topics in a beginner friendly way. If I want to start a new course, I always check to see if Jose has anything on the topic because I know by the end of that course I will have a deeper understanding of everything I wanted to learn. 🙂

  10. Bo Liu

    not very good when coding and introducing the alg logic.

  11. Craig Lyons

    This course blew my mind! Learning data structures and different ways to solve problems has increased my confidence exponentially.

  12. Siddharth Govardhane

    I have already completed the Zero to Hero Python course by Jose Portilla, so I’ve already developed a good sense of trust in this course and I know that it’ll be amazing. Great Work Mr. Jose.

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