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Learn Python Programming Masterclass

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This Python For Beginners Course Teaches You The Python Language Fast. Includes Python Online Training With Python 3

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12 avis pour Learn Python Programming Masterclass

  1. Sebastian Maier

    Thank you again Tim & J-P for your competent teaching including individual support. It’s fantastic to have a course – updated for FREE! There have already been several situations in which I decided to re-watch some videos in order to do things the right way.
    Stay as you are and keep on with your passion.
    Greetings Sebastian

  2. Tanuj Agrawal

    Its been a wonderful journey and my confidence and actual ability to code has improved multi-folds. Tim’s approach is quite detailed and for those really looking to master a language. It will really take months to master a language and Tim’s lectures will help 100% if one is willing to put in time and patience .. course is engaging enough to put in hours and hours .. day after day, week after week. It seems, much of the course has been revised. Having said that the section on OOPs can be revised (with some better examples) and can include more practice exercises for those topics. Overall wonderful course, will definitely recommend for the curious ones for a solid foundation of python.

  3. Roberto Giacich

    Thank you for your simple examples to better understand the power of Python as well as all your extra info here and there!

  4. Ade Adewunmi


    Assuming your goal is to gain enough skills to land a job as an entry-level Python developer or you want to upgrade your skills as an experienced Python developer, this is the best course on Udemy for that purpose. It contains Python language fundermentals and advanced Python programming, including coding exercises / challenges.

    In my opinion, a major drawback regarding the course is the way Python fundermental’s get mixed up with advanced Python topics. So you get thrown into the deep without any knowledge of the fundermentals (while Tim promises you will pick up all you need to know down the road). Some people can learn this way but it may not work for everyone. For example, nearly an hours worth of lectures on Exception handling is packed into Section 11: Using Databases in Python. However, I think Exception handling should be a section on its own.

    I suggest as part of the remastering process, it’s necessary to reclassify different sections of the course so that learning becomes increment e.g.

    1. Course Introduction
    2. Install and Setup
    3. Version Control (Git / Github)
    4. Stepping into the World of Python
    5. Program Flow Control in Python
    6. Errors Handling (Exceptions)
    7. Functions – An Introduction
    8. List and Tuples
    9. Simple Juke Box (Portfolio) Project
    10. Dictionaries and Sets
    11. Reading and Writing Files – An Introduction
    12. Reading and Writing JSON and CSV Files
    13. Modules, Functions and Recursion in Python
    14. TKinker Python GUI
    15. Black Jack Game (Portfolio) Project
    16. Object Orientated Python
    17. Song List (Portfolio) Project
    18. Using Databases in Python
    19. Music Database (Portfolio) Project (Tkinter / Python / SQLite)
    20. Generators, Comprehension and the timeit module
    21. Data Structure and Algorithms – An Introduction (Big O notation)
    22. Bonus – Including Slides



  5. Abhijeet Rajptut

    One of the best course and must watch if you want to learn python from beginner to intermediate.

  6. Purnima Jain

    I am an experienced Java Developer but just starting my journey in Python, and I found this course very useful. Tim goes in sufficient details about the language and accompanies you a long way starting from a beginner to a fairly advanced developer in Python. He also references where things are different in Python as compared to Java which was very insightful for me and helped my understanding. I liked this course and would highly recommend it. One problem though is the tiny font used throughout the course, it’s difficult to see anything he is writing as code.

  7. Kamil Morawski

    Very well made.
    You get the impression that they actually care about the people they are teaching.

  8. Chris Porter

    I’m super happy with this course – I really feel I’ve never learned anything so quickly in my life! After 6 weeks only I have confidence to start my own projects on the side, and to play with existing code that can be found – Thank you so much!

  9. Vijay Kumar Singh

    The course is very good, i have a suggestion for those students who are from not much understanding of accent. so you can give a option of normal accent.

  10. Edmund Allen

    Really good course – well taught and explained all the fundamentals of python

  11. Stephan Hughes

    Though at times it felt like trying to get a drink of water from a fire hose, this course does an excellent job of explaining and teaching python. The remastered content made python approachable and accessible, not just showing how to code, but giving a fundamental understanding of python itself. I did remove half a star for one reason and one reason only: the remastered content isn’t finished! There is a distinct difference between the remastered and original content. It is challenging jumping into the older content after going through the remastered, to the point where I feel a little lost. But thanks to the remastered content I do have a better understanding of python and can follow along with the older still to be remastered content. All in all, this is a great primary course for learning programming.

  12. Rushil Agarwal

    The Best Course There Is !!! Amazing lessons and BEST FOR LEARNING PYTHON FROM SCRATCH??

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