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Learn to Code in Python 3: Programming beginner to advanced

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Python3 programming made easy with exercises, challenges and lots of real life examples. Learn to code today!

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12 avis pour Learn to Code in Python 3: Programming beginner to advanced

  1. Codification Ltd

    Excellent course I started from an absolute beginner knowing nothing about Python, to knowing a lot more about Python by the end.

  2. Luís Gustavo Pederassi

    Curso é bem estruturado para iniciantes e era o que eu esperava. Poderia ter os códigos disponíveis para uma fácil verificação e estudo, assim como revisão entre os módulos e melhor identificação dos assuntos dos exercícios.
    No geral, é muito bom e recomendaria para alunos iniciando em Python. Parabéns!

  3. Maimoon Ahmad

    Had just the right amount of details and touch to different topics that gave me an overall view of the language and its usage

  4. Akhil Tatikonda

    I am very happy with your explanations, I understanding the concepts well
    and thank you so much. with your explanations i improving my coding practice also well


    I have learned a lot about python and its applications. Now, I want to become a machine learning engineer.

  6. Anil Ponnekanti

    Not a user friendly..w/o know Python its difficult to learn

  7. Rajput Dashrath Singh

    yes, it is a good match for me. becouse I’m learn new concept of about a python programming.

  8. Youssef Salah

    The explanation was flawless and the exercises were spot on.

  9. Tural Khudaverdiyev

    It was the first time I have taken a python course and completed to a large extent; till now, I have completed couple of statistics courses, SQL courses, R courses and etc., but never had the motivation to watch lecture videos regarding python. Instructor has a solid way of communication with great pronounciation and use of voice tone, he explains the context in a fluent manner. Course content is well designed, lectures are well explained, but what I liked most is the Exercieses – those are perfectly prepared and by solving the, I really feel like grasping the essence of course materials tought. Very well done!

  10. Tommy Kravljanac

    A very good education that I have missed in other courses that has a tendency to “run away” too fast or explain too unclearly.

    Clear and good explanations in every step as to why a code is there and what it does.

    Well done.

  11. Raghav Kapoor

    Amazing Learning…Each and everything is explained very intuitively

  12. Slobodan Šućur

    This course is minimalistic and yet contains everything needed with good explanation.

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