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Learn TypeScript (Ditch JavaScript)

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Boost your JavaScript projects with TypeScript: Learn all about core types, generics, TypeScript + React or Node & more!

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12 avis pour Learn TypeScript (Ditch JavaScript)

  1. Leonardo Vilchis

    El curso es extremadamente completo y te da la entrada a recursos adicionales para que sigas aprendiendo sobre TypeScript, sumamente recomendable

  2. Lester Yiu

    The core type modules and the explanation of Typescript as a whole is very well taught. Though I found it extremely misleading that it was marketed as “2023 Edition” when certain parts were clearly outdated such as using the old version of Webpack and using old syntax for creating React TypeScript apps. It was good but would be 5/5 if it was updated.

  3. Igor Veleski

    Max is a great dev and lecturer who demonstrates incredible insight and teaching skills. This course in no exception.
    Absolute stellar marks all around.

  4. Kacper Kłosowski

    Good course overall, but it has its flaws:

    – First of all, the whole decorators section is rather unclear and unnecessary. This 1hr 17 mins could be allocated somewhere else to show more useful things in TypeScript. It’s not only my opinion as far as I can see (from the Q&A section).
    – Optional chaining and nullish coalecing => both are JS features now. There is no point in showing them as ‘Typescript’ features anymore. They were introduced first in TypeScript? Cool.. But who cares.
    – React section is rather outdated even though course claims to be 2023 edition. Better to visit this page:
    – Instead of those decorators, teacher could explain for example if PropTypes are still a valid case when using TypeScript. This would be an interesting topic for me.
    – An interesting topic would be to show how to structure TypeScript types / interfaces. More production-like files structure. Should I keep them separately in other files?

    Nevertheless, I can recommend this course.

  5. Nur Hossain

    Amazing course for people who are beginner to Typescript with React/Express! However I was expecting more depth on conversion of solid projects (React/Express) into Typescript.

  6. Shira Ginat

    Very well explained but outdated in parts. Also too much focus on classes and OOP instead of the more popular (nowadays) functional programming 🙁

  7. Jeff Anderson

    Great foundational course. Some sections I found it better to listen through first and then go back and code along. Thanks Max.

  8. Aashish Kushwaha

    The course is very well structured & taught by the instructor. I learned lot of the things from this course & will definitely apply the learning in the upcoming projects.

  9. M Hasifi Mohamed

    I have been a fan of max for years now, he is a very good teacher. Even now that I already become senior dev, I still got something to learn. Max is rather advance js/ts teacher, with so many concept and examples for my mind to wrap something. Thanks max!

  10. Peter Petruš

    The issues of this course are well explained. The content of the course could be expanded with more up-to-date parts from typescript, but it is abundantly sufficient to explain the given issue.

  11. Rui Duarte

    It was very good in terms of learning about typescript and its different features. My only pointer would be to add a vue + typescript section in the same way react exists, because not everyone works with react and i would prefer for section 14 to be about vue+typescript

  12. A Z

    This course is not for all levels, this is for mid-seniors programmers. The instructor explains everything but superfast, also the 8 section is really hard to get and section 9 code does not works properly (compiles properly) so you cannot follow along the session, which is really a problem because section 9 is were you finally practice all the 8 before sections…I still gonna try to follow this course but this is a really frustrating experience and is really hard to learn this way.

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