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Learning DevOps with Terraform Infrastructure Automation Course

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Learn how to automate your infrastructure with terraform. Covers Terraform with AWS, Packer, Docker, ECS, EKS, Jenkins

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12 avis pour Learning DevOps with Terraform Infrastructure Automation Course

  1. Ismael Castillo López

    Los temas están desactualizados, el instructor en ocasiones va explica muy rápido los conceptos y da la impresión de que no le molesta si los alumnos entienden o no los conceptos, ademas la forma en la que lleva el curso tiende a ser poco dinámica y muy aburrida.

    Si eres principiantes, piensalo dos veces antes de adquirir el curso.

  2. Newton A Kum

    More hands on demonstrations and knowledge quiz after every topic

  3. Ramkumar Ramajeyam

    Although the concepts are similar, It needs an update to the latest version. Allow to add notes by author to update the changes caused by the latest versions at the specific time point in the video as needed.

  4. Kartik Tadikonda

    The way you have presented the course is very intriguing, all the resources are very useful.

  5. Nobus Oghenekaro

    Great Course, very informative I only wished there were more quizzes

  6. Henry Ngan

    – Covers a wide spectrum of topics.
    – A lot of hands on examples.

    – A lot of old information (dated back in Q4 2016). Terraform has changed a lot and it may confuse those new to Terraform. AWS also has changed (though the fundamentals have remain mostly the same).
    – There are some advanced topics that are somewhat skimped over before students are ready to use terraform for production: take for example, a whole section could probably be dedicated on the state file, covering topics from how to manage the state file securely to managing drift.
    – Lecturer could have provided links and additional references in the resource section for each lesson.

    While this is not a terrible course, for the price, students can likely benefit more from a newer and more in-depth course.

  7. Vikram Singh

    awesome course, easy steps and explanation made me comfortable to understand the use cases.

  8. Bruno Nascimento

    Excellent and highly recommended course! It fully met my expectations and I will definitely review some lectures, as I am starting on Terraform and use it at work.

    The only suggestion would be to use an IDE or some text editor with colors, as it would facilitate the understanding of some more complex examples.

    Thanks a lot, Edward!

  9. Thomas Binetruy

    I’m finally understanding all of the basic ops concepts. And it’s very rare to see the AWS console. 99% of the time, everything is explained through code 🙂

  10. Jose Ramirez

    Really good course, I found it really helpful… I’m not an DevOps so I got confuse with some things, while working with AWS or Jenkins, I really think that prior to this course someone should have basic knowledge of these techs… Anyway, at least you get good knowledge of what terraform is and how to use with AWS.

  11. Pandurang Durande

    not updated

  12. Luis Fernando Cauper Pereira

    Horrible to understand the content
    No IDE
    POORLY explained to new people
    Too fast explanation
    VIM is horrible to undestand how is everything working
    Demos a lot diffrent from the theory
    Content since 2016, the Terraform he is using a very old version of Terraform.
    I dont recommend to buy this course

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