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Learning Python for Data Analysis and Visualization Ver 1

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Learn python and how to use it to analyze,visualize and present data. Includes tons of sample code and hours of video!

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12 avis pour Learning Python for Data Analysis and Visualization Ver 1

  1. Andrejus Jaroslavcevas

    This course must be updated, because there are too much functions, methods, links and etc. out of the date.

  2. André Gustavo Scharf

    Back in thew day I’m sure it was an amazing course, but today, a lot of the code doesn’t work anymore since the libraries have been updated. The community and the teacher himself are very active though. All questions have been answered.

  3. Antony Sansom

    This course needs updating much of the code doesn’t run in python 3.n no body should be using 2.n

  4. Tinkhani Mphasa

    it was a great experience but the downside it did not have exercises to practice on

  5. Nikola Vujacic

    After 1st section I just want to comment that program code in some parts are old and should be changed to new versions.
    It should be more examples before project section.

  6. Avinash Reddy Mudireddy

    Hello Jose,
    Thank you for the course. I have a few suggestions that might benefit the learners. Please explain the functions which you are using before using them and why are you using that. for example, get_data_yahoo is used, why we have to use that, and what type of data we can pull from there. And, ‘Adj Close’,’Volume’ is used. Can we use that for all types of data or else those words are for this specific data.

  7. Khoi Nguyen

    Despite I have good experience with the author from another Python course, I sadly have to give 2.5 stars review for this course particularly.

    Please update your content! There are a tons of outdated syntax provided in the videos spread across the all sections.

    Moreover, the content is comprehensive, covering the major points regarding the topic but the teaching style could really use some improvement. I feel like the instructor is merely reading word by word from a manual instruction. Offered little to none explanation as to why he did the way he did.

    Looking forward to new changes to this course so other learners can benefit the most from the course.

  8. Razep

    Python is a very interesting and exciting course that requires time to do in-debt study , so with more time i can only improve

  9. Khotibul Umam

    Good course, i finished this course and every lecturer that i learned is understandable and feel so easy to do, hopefully this course help me up to reach my goal on data analyst

  10. Aishin Abdulla Yoosufali

    I had immense amount of happiness in completing this course and moreover building, learning a new skill which will be helpful in my growth of becoming a data analyst. Thank you

  11. Hsuan-Wen Chu

    Jose is an excellent instructor. He broke down complex concepts to easy to understand explanations. However, I think there are two things this course can be improved:

    1) Update the content to reflect Python 3
    2) Include a final project requirement for students to get hands-on experience

  12. Özgür Türkmen

    You need to update the course cuz most of the dictionaries are outdated

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