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Machine Learning A-Z (Python & R in Data Science Course)

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Learn to create Machine Learning Algorithms in Python and R from two Data Science experts. Code templates included.

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12 avis pour Machine Learning A-Z (Python & R in Data Science Course)

  1. Alfred Rivera

    A very good and practical approach to Machine Learning. It will give you tools to star right away on training machine learning models and start making predictions.

    The only thing that I wished it expanded a bit more is in explaining in depth the theory and math behind each model. Aside from this it is a very excellent course.

  2. James Kim

    They don’t explain the math well. If they’re not going to do a good job explaining the matht hen they should leave it out. Also, the Deep Learning sections are terrible. A lot of the stuff is out dated and its very difficult to follow the practical examples.

  3. Michael Schihl

    I liked the applied nature of the course (R and Python code). I also liked it when the instructors offered intuition. The repetition was a bit much in the applied portions, but I appreciate that repetition can be a pedagogical tool. I would have appreciated more time spent on the technical (« theoretical ») background and foundations of the models.

  4. Birru Lavanya

    it was good, but what i felt was some parts are very much repeated. Like going into A-Z folder and selecting the data set and uploading data set. This shouldn’t have been repeated.

  5. Jonathan Korstad

    Amazing course and amazing explanations from both creators! Thank you for producing this excellent 5+ star material! Very practical, clear, and informative.

  6. Shounak Laxman Yadav

    Its the best course at this price point, the templates are given and they are explained in depth everything in this is what is expected and more.

  7. Ričardas Poskrebyševas

    The topics are interesting, the examples are quite simple, but where there is something more complicated, they do not explain anything in detail. The math formulas could be explained better, as well as the slides could be updated, as you can see that there are mistakes and they are left all the time, instead of correcting the slides, extend the lesson by a few minutes with a new slide and correction. Overall giving 8/10

  8. Lucas Moreira Martins

    I have done other courses on machine learning/data science, and this is definitively one of the best, and even better, it is faster than much of the others.
    It would be even better if they used more examples.

  9. Ramgopal Pathigari

    it was really wonderful journey with these courses and it’s simple and great explanations on concepts and practical steps. Thank you very much

  10. Shaun Roberts

    Amazing – you emerge from this course with a rock-solid understanding of a whole array of machine learning techniques and tricks, and you have an entire toolkit to apply each of them. Thank you to both Kirill and Hadelin for a truly inspiring course, I am ready to take on ML with vigor!

  11. Furkan yardımcı

    I am Electronic and Communication engineer. I was new to this field and knew nothing. I was able to learn the basics of machine learning with this course even though I didn’t know anything.

  12. Becaye Baldé

    This course gave me a great overview of Machine Learning. It is one of the main reasons I have started to love Machine Learning. Its excellent for beginners and for those who want to know common ML techniques and algorithms.

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