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Master Android App Development With Java and Android Studio

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Improve your career options by learning Android app Development. Master Android Studio and build your first app today

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12 avis pour Master Android App Development With Java and Android Studio

  1. John Ball

    Yes, I am enjoying it so far. Here in Beijing it’s pretty cool to have your own app on your phone so I am happy to have achieved that thanks to the course.

  2. Vanga Govardhan Satyanarayan

    still now its going good and the course is like I wanted….

  3. Christopher Felix

    It’s good, but for en experienced developer, even 1.5x can be a little slow. But really in depth.

  4. Kyle Snook

    I suppose for the lack of a 5-star review. It stems from me not really being told when to follow along or when I should be just watching the video. I’m the type of person that needs instruction even if it seems basic. So for me for the first few videos, I’m finding it more beneficial not physically follow along and just watch the videos. Otherwise, I am paying more attention to what I’m doing rather than what the instructor is doing which causes me to not hear half of the video because I’m too busy concentrating on a single task that the instructor did previously in the same video.
    Otherwise, he is very well-spoken and knows this stuff very well.

  5. Johnny Andrade

    Very clear explanations and keeping a good rate of advancement

  6. Pradeep Kumar

    I have been asking some doubt, till now I haven’t received any solution or feedback from them.

  7. Phillip Mycroft Pounds

    Well put together, extremely informative and logically constructed. A must if you want to get your feet wet in the android dev space.

  8. Demian Marcus Affeldt

    I like how he explains why things happen, instead of just what to do.

  9. Gasser osama

    i dont get anything from he is saying he need to describe things

  10. Stefano Luise

    I’ve only gotten to section 4 and for now I can say that the course is done very well, it covers all the details and Tim explains very well. I’m not a native English speaker and yet I can understand everything he says. Maybe sometimes he doesn’t spell the words well but I can help with the subtitles. The only problem I find is due to the user interface that Google changes continuously with the different releases of the program. Although Tim tries hard to answer questions from those who complain that the user interface is not like the one in the course, I find it really impossible to keep up with these constant changes. The only thing is to arm yourself with patience and try on your own to figure out how to move where there isn’t a perfect correspondence between what is shown in the course video and the release being used.

  11. Muhd Nadzri bin Khalid

    Wow he really explain very detail for every part, even one line of code took 5mins+ to explain. Appreciate he did manual subtitle, not easy to make subtitle for the video more than 70h i guess. Hope he update more content into this course like setup Github for Android studio, cover room database, new emulator and etc.

  12. Murat Duman

    Tim is the best lecturer you can ever met. But by the year 2023, I came up tu a course from 2016 and no update! You gotta kidding me. By the way although he is the best teacher, he is terrible about scheduling. For example I took a Java course from him, course is perfect but a 101 hours of course, how do you expect people, to watch, digest and code in a let’s say one year of time, especially for the one who works outside of being a self learner

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