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Master Angular 7 (formerly Angular 2): The Complete Course

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Master Angular (formerly “Angular 2”) and build awesome, reactive web apps with the successor of Angular.js

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12 avis pour Master Angular 7 (formerly Angular 2): The Complete Course

  1. Nirman Mandal

    When I bought the course, it was mentioned the course will be regularly updated.
    When we can see Angular 14 version has just been released but this course is not upgraded with the regular Angular version changes.

    Please DO NOT Refer this OUTDATED Course.

  2. Robin Cragg

    This is a great course covering all the basics and getting into lots of the more advanced topics. If you want to learn Angular, you cannot go wrong if you start here.

  3. Charalampos TZANAMPETIS

    This is an excellent course for total beginners in Angular that will guide you through all of its concepts. The only problem I found, was that in some of the chapters, the explanations weren’t very clear on why we follow the proposed approach.

  4. Yuriy F

    I had to do this course for my job, but I did not expect just how good it was. Nevertheless, I learned a lot, and Max explained the concepts well. I love the course project and the assignments (they are optional, but I recommend you do them).

  5. Edgar Meyer

    A really good training that sometimes requires more than just basic knowledge of JavaScript. Nevertheless, Maximilian does a really good job as usual. The examples that don’t always run with the latest Angular version are really annoying. You get them running according to the instructions provided, but this takes a lot of time. From a very good course I expect the projects run with the latest Angular version. That’s why I rated this course not with 5 *.

  6. Huáscar Suárez Chávez

    Thanks to this course, I feel very confident in my Angular skills. Maximilian is an excellent teacher and I really appreciated that he has kept the course updated over the years. I definitely recommend this course to anyone who wants to become a professional Angular developer

  7. Diego Balderrama

    Great course for introducing Angular and its capabilities, while yes there’s no way you can condense everything into one course, it gives you just about enough to get up and running. I do have to say that coming from already knowing a little bit about Angular and developing with other Frameworks, some concepts and lessons were fairly easy due to my previous knowledge, so for a beginner those lessons or concepts could prove to be a challenge, but nothing that can’t be beaten with perseverance and a little bit of patience.

  8. Next Inc.

    Honestly they cover overall. I can get full confidence to start work without anyone support. Thanks Max and Team

  9. Pratik Amatya

    – thoroughly made and explained content.
    – teacher is very polite and friendly
    – he dives deeper into underlying concepts and extra bits when explaining (very much appreciated)
    – the practice course (recipe book) is very good helpful and intuitive.

    – teacher’s voice is naturally (not his fault) very coarse (thick) and English is not his native tongue – so difficult to follow along sometimes due to voice and German accent appearing
    – the course is based on Angular version that has changed a lot till now.
    – the practice course (recipe book) has confusing terms – recipes, ingredients (in English speaking terms) used inappropriately in my opinion.

    this course was very good learning experience.
    Thank you Max Sir.

  10. Mohinder Shawn Rupnarine

    Used this course along side a switch from a Blazor application to Angular at work and the results were phenomenal.

  11. Michał Witkowski

    Really great course, goes in depth when it comes to important parts of the Angular framework. Max provides a lot of useful commentary and the projects created as part of the experience are well thought out, giving solid foundation to build upon one’s own. The only con when it comes to that guide is the fact that some parts of it are out of date (especially NgRx part) as there are new functionalities or new syntax that isn’t covered as part of the videos. Thankfully it’s not that big of a problem and the theory behind is still relevant, as syntax can be learned quite easy.
    All in all, I highly recommend that course!

  12. Mietka Blémur

    This course is excellent for beginners and creates a solid foundation in programming front-end application with Angular. It doesn’t have bad habits and actually explains some odd choices with very valid reasons. I cannot stress enough that you need to make your own project at least to fully be on your way to mastery just like it has been said at the end of the course.

    This course is pure excellency and Max is a class act.

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