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Master ASP.NET MVC 5: Build Secure and Fast Web Apps

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Learn to build fast and secure web applications with ASP.NET MVC 5 – The most popular course with 40,000+ students!

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12 avis pour Master ASP.NET MVC 5: Build Secure and Fast Web Apps

  1. Kunal Pawar

    This is the Great Learning Platform with the best teacher, and All are interesting topics that I learned in this Course and excited to do more practice on it and grow with the best knowledge.

  2. Umang Kansara

    Have A Great Experience During Learning This Course.

    Give A Huge Appreciation

  3. Ana Laura Pacheco Pacheco

    Sometimes you need to specify what did you do on the code, it’s difficult to understand. For example: I have collapsed this part of the code we saw on the last video…
    Thank you, the course is very completed and nutritious.


    C’est riche, mais à besoin d’une mise à jour parce que bcp des choses a changer depuis 2016 🙂

  5. Boldtek Team

    of course. Mosh is great in recording. No extra noise neither in case of background nor in knowledge. But please do try to update the Xamarin course please. Request. From depth of the heart.

  6. Federico Pisa

    The course would be perfect with a section on “basic” and “oauth2” auth for the api controllers

  7. Cash Myers

    There are somethings that are a bit outdated. (i.e. .NET Core vs .NET Framework)
    It would be nice to have a couple of notes to help with those who are just getting started as reguards to the current trends in C# development.

  8. Robin

    Everything is good, but I didn’t have all the plug-ins available so perhaps next time there should not be any plug-ins used.

    This tutorial is older, but useful as the company I work for uses asp .net and not core, I am grateful to have found this tutorial to increase my knowledge

  9. Salman Shaikh

    This is very useful and gain good way of knowledge

  10. Paweł Drozdowski

    Everything you need to know to get started with .NET MVC

  11. Prashant Kumar

    In this course, if there is any exercise then you have to go to check their github for solution. Every section they told us for details you should purchase our further courses.

  12. Ronald Ruck

    It provides excercises and does not show how to solve them. Even though is says it is on the github but it is hard to find the solution. Unfortunately without the execercises done correctly, continuin the course is hard.

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