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Master AWS CloudFormation: Deploy Your Own Infastructure

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Write Complete AWS CloudFormation Templates using YAML. Learn all the Recent Cloud Formation Features

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12 avis pour Master AWS CloudFormation: Deploy Your Own Infastructure

  1. Soumyajyoti Biswas

    This is a very verbose deep dive into cloudformation. It does not teach you how to write a particular cfn project, but it teaches you everything you need to know to write any type of project, the latter is what you need to become an expert.

  2. Aml Mahmoud Hassan

    Great course , thanks i just need the pdf that you used during this course

  3. Sheikh Shahidur Rahman

    Very detailed and take you to a journey! I can recommend this course if you want to develop your CF skillset.

    Note: It’s not a beginner level course but a detailed intermediate to expert level course. So, it may take time.


    The course helps to understand the core of cloud formation, after going through the entire course I am able to write complex templates of course with the help of documentation

  5. Lara Pfeiffer

    A very well structured and informative course. I liked that there were quizzes for every section to have a recap of the information. A quiz with a few questions to all sections in the end would be a great addition so the knowledge can be summarized across the sections. The hands on experience was different from what I expected. I thought there would be tasks to write parts of Cloudformation templates by oneself instead of just showing the way you upload them. When it came to more advanced topics it felt a little rushed. All in all I would recommend the course to deepen the understanding for Cloudformation and I learned a lot!

  6. Samuel AJISAFE

    The lecture give an expected knowledge of Cloudformation and overview of Serverless Cloudformation. Nice one Stephane

  7. Shubha S

    This course gives you all the information to get started and be an expert in the cloudformation .

  8. Tian Hong Lee

    appreciate the sample yaml that goes along with the course which makes referencing it for better understanding even better

  9. Mark Myburgh

    amazing course and cant wait to get stuck into another one. Highly recommended.

  10. Svend Vanderveken

    Clear and well structured introduction to CFN with a lot of hands-on practice. The numerous code samples will be useful as starting point for real projects.

    I’m satisfied and learned a lot, although not giving 5 stars because:
    * the course is systematically praising CFN while teaching it, never mentioning limitations nor gotchas
    * apart from the last section which includes a few external links, it seems 100% based on AWS documentation. It could be improved by including feed-back from real-life experience
    * more recommendation on how to organize the creation of shared AWS resources across teams would be welcome.

  11. Mohamed Reyad

    amazing course and very good explanation

  12. Dev User

    I didn’t need the sections on Advanced Custom Resources and Generating Templates so I skipped them and saved almost two hours. I’ve come back repeatedly to Parameters, Mappings, and Outputs to get my first templates written. Great course – saved me a ton of time!

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