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Master Microservices with Spring Boot and Spring Cloud

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Java Spring Boot Microservices 5-in-1 – Spring Boot, Spring Cloud, Docker, Kubernetes and REST API (REST Web Services)

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12 avis pour Master Microservices with Spring Boot and Spring Cloud

  1. Kamil Mert

    Very good course with excellent support documents and examples. However, the videos and written materials must be updated with Q&A suggestions. I lost a lot of time, till I found right solution amongs many quetions. Another suggestion for the Kuberneties section is to add to Minukube examples in parrallel with in stead of GKE. Thanks

  2. rajashri saha

    The way Ranga sir made the tutorial on a complex concept like microservice, is commendable. The hands on are equally beneficial and clears the concept totally.

  3. Diogo Oliveira

    Docker and Kubernetes sections are amazing. Microservices ones could be a bitter more explanative but I know it is not very easy as the course is very practical.

  4. Sagar Khakhar

    Ranga is best instructor he explains every thing in detail and also explains where and how feature can be used for great productivity and professional app development. Thanks Ranga.

  5. Tisha Choudhuri

    Unable to replicate, even after downloading from git. I think you need to refine your lectures a bit, so its easy to replicate the steps. Your course needs to be updated diligently instead of lazily adding commentaries here and there that doesnt work any way 🙁 You have covered the basics that we can get even from following youtube videos. Under par , not satisfied.

  6. Dincer Beken

    Overall, the course was pretty nice and helpful. I think, that I learned a lot.

    There are issues related to getting the projects working (it is not very up to date).

    The Java/Spring Boot Section is the best, the Docker/K8s sections need a rework in my opinion.

    The Q&A is the worst part of this course. There are some tutors (He..) which jump right in without really understanding the question and replying with a wrong answer.

  7. shrikant tyagi

    many times, same repetitive concept, increase video count, not cover all api request, good for just basic concept of spring boot, just do coding not explain why, not anyone can do it if same have no java experience. But finally good for basic learning spring boot concepts.

  8. U Dinesh

    I learned a lot about Microservices and handling them using different tools and learned using Docker and kubernetes.
    you’ll Learn to use kubernetes through command line so you can use it in any cloud environment.

    I enjoyed learning thoroughly.

  9. ja rad

    Overall this course has a broad introduction to Rest, MicroServices, Docker, Kubernetes with GCP, JPA and Spring Boot. However I should say that the first part both in Docker and Kubernetes are well explained, but the 2nd part of these 2 Topics was quite bad because it started to be more like: “do this and that, just because”. Honestly, my opinion is based on a contrast with the 1st part where there was a solid explanation with diagrams and logic behind those principles (For example docker, k8s). Besides I had some problems with version incompatibility (between Java, Docker and Maven).
    Again course is good to repeat some concepts when you already have some experience with Spring Boot, etc… Otherwise, it would be very tough.

  10. Bruce Wayne

    Very Good Comprehensive course, there are other advanced courses that are focused on microservices from a higher level and addressing more concepts as Reactive programming which is very imp ( So far that’s not covered in the course ) and other updates required for the course to be UpToDate. But that course covered it all, it needs to update the sources with recent versions of spring and Java but if you do setup from scratch you can do the updates. the course covers the whole thing Spring boot, spring cloud, docker , Kubernetes, even recent Spring, Java needed basics. and it’s very engaging and taking you step by step through building the code. if you have problems creating the docker images due to using recent version of spring or java either start with your own setup and update or you can use the provided images on the docker hub. Hope to see more courses having it all like that one. Thanks Ranga

  11. Gopal D. Kalsekar

    Excellent Course.

  12. Khrystyna Makar

    A lot of handy information was delivered in a very understandable way.
    You can find answers to your questions in the Q&A section, google it, or ask yourself, and this question will be answered by the instructor or someone from the community.
    You will be treated as a student at school, with plenty of assistance and support.
    Thank you!

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