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Mastering Data Structures and Algorithms with C and C++ Training

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Learn, Analyse and Implement Data Structure using C and C++. Learn Recursion and Sorting.

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12 avis pour Mastering Data Structures and Algorithms with C and C++ Training

  1. Aditya Rallapalli

    Thanks for creating this course Abdul sir, this is an excellent course to have proper basics for Data Structures and apply them to our programs.

  2. Avadhut Naik

    It was a perfect match! I will also like to thank the academy and to my colleague who has tolerated me thus far!

  3. Anamika Kumari

    Course has more than 400 lecture series covering almost all DS related topics. He explained each and every topic in detail from basic to advance.
    Must go through to understand data structure basics.

  4. Subham Negi

    Explanations of each and every topic is amazing.
    this course took my programming skills to next level.
    thank you

  5. Khushi Prasad

    If one wants to reach a good enough level of proficiency then this which can land you some really good placements and internships, this is just the right course for you. This course though does not include a few more topics like greedy algorithms, or dynamic programming and more advanced topics but the SIMPLICITY with which the course is taught is amazing as sir made it look and feel simple like a 5th grade topic with his calm and slow pace of speaking and his through understanding and out of the box explanations using real life example like the one for quick sort. Very suitable for college students.

  6. Prabin .


  7. Debadan Mohanty

    This course is very much awesome abdul sir teaching process is awesome he efficiently mastry you in data structures and algorithm

  8. Sabya sachi Biswal

    Lectures are very interactive and alive…thank u Abdul sir for providing very fruitful content in very affordable price..?

  9. Shiva Surya Lolla

    It was a really good course! The explanations were very clear and interesting

  10. Anil Kumar Yadav

    The way of explanation is really very nice.

  11. Lokeswara Rao Majji

    A big thank you to Abdul Bari, he is a great instructor. I always struggled with Recursion, Asymptotic Notations, Trees his explanations on the board parsing through each step made me understand the concept better and write the code on my own.

    I personal Abdul Bari’s style of explaining the concept on a white board, discuss the algorithm used, decisions on the data structure used. He goes extra mile by parsing each and every step until the loop is complete, I love the dedication and knowledge he has.

    As a next course idea, A course on coding interview patterns (like double pointers, fast and slow pointers, dynamic programming etc..) used in FAANG interviews would be great idea.

  12. Anubhav Singh

    This course is really amazing a highly recommended course.

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