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MERN Stack Front To Back: Full Stack React, Redux & Node.js

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Build and deploy a social network with Node.js, Express, React, Redux & MongoDB. Fully updated April 2019

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12 avis pour MERN Stack Front To Back: Full Stack React, Redux & Node.js

  1. 진혁 이

    one of most favorite teachers in udemy!! his class is somewhat hard to understand for fully beginners and i understand about some complaints. However, im pretty sure he gives clear steps for beginners to move on intermediate.
    Will’s fast feed back saved me every time i face trouble and help me to move on to finish this course. i am moving on to nextjs course. (although i will need to comeback to review) thank you so much Will and Brad !!

  2. Anan Muthiah

    Overall, the course is ok, but it is rather outdated and not as well organized in comparison to Brad’s React Front to Back 2022 which also has a MERN stack Tickets project at the end. Video for this course is based on original codes and not the latest codes and hence not easy to code along and follow. The course gives a good overview on how to structure the database for a social network webapp. Brad, please update / sync the video to the latest codes!

  3. Volod

    Thank you Brad very much for such a good and useful course!
    It took a long time for me to finish it as I was not learning continually which was a mistake. But now I’m done and I’m very satisfied. I’ve got almost everything that I need to create a full stack Apps. At the same time I’ve realised that MongoDb maybe is not the best solution. So the next milestone (after several apps with MongoDB) would be PostgreSQL. Wish you the best and more cool courses!

    ps: recommed this course to everybody to learn full stack with MERN

  4. Uriel

    There is no order in the code, it is not possible to upload every file of the same section, and the final code is different from the code in the lessons, and the code in the lessons is not updated according to React 6 – useSelector, useNavigate, useDispatch, which causes a long and unnecessary process, and creates problems, unless you have the old react . It is unnecessary to learn mapStateToProps, PropTypes – this is for use in a class component (old way) they don’t work that way. And regarding redux, createStore is no longer used, and why not use the redux tool kit – incomprehensible , but you teach great and your project is excellent for a young student – the study material is also excellent so well done

  5. Ritesh Dhotkar

    I poured a week’s worth of effort only to realize that this is a 4 year old course which was never updated. Backend worked well but frontend is a mess. I’d like a refund on this one.

  6. David Lee

    Once again to many outdated packages, it makes it extremely hard to follow along. It useful for the things that work, if i were to change the code to work with the current versions of packages etc it would take my twice as long and it would become impossible to follow along with what your writing, it’s no good updating everything after the fact, please update the videos. You owe it to all of your fans


    I am having a great experience by doing this amazing project that gives the clear idea of how full stack works. Thank u so much, Best Regards, Definitely Recommended !!!

  8. Tony Damari

    It was a great course, really gives you the information you need to build a full stack application. Only problem you might enounter is because web developement is constantly changing certain things become out of date, but that is a good opportunity to go find out for yourself hoe to impliment things using new methods.

  9. Manuel Colon

    Bard explains everything so clearly and to the point.

  10. Ayush Singhvi

    Well structed course, but some content is outdated

  11. Karol Kulik

    I absolutely loved this course. It shows you everything you need to know basically from scratch. A few times I encountered situations where presented solution was obsolete and some changes needed to be made in the code, but I believe there is a special section for that and each time that happened, there was always a question asked by someone else with great explanation. And of course the project you work on is cool.

  12. Hasan Mahmood

    Only do this course if you have prior knowledge of all the technologies used like jwt, mongoose etc. Otherwise, the course is very good

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