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Microservices with Node JS and React

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Build, deploy, and scale an E-Commerce app using Microservices built with Node, React, Docker and Kubernetes

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12 avis pour Microservices with Node JS and React

  1. Volkan Türkmen

    Great course. Stephen gives us more useful information with applicable structure. I’ve learned lots of things from Stephen.

  2. Froylán Gómez

    Great way to understand micro services, a lot of theory but most of all practice. Full of complementary topics to add to your backend experience.

  3. Isaac Cohen

    comprehensive, well presented, highly recommended.
    also demanding and challenging, so be prepared 🙂

  4. William Ennals

    Very in depth course to help get a feel for micro-services. I really like the breakdowns and practical exercises

  5. Mahesh

    This course covers almost all the aspects of the application development & deployment with microservices architecture context. Good course to get better understanding of not just microservices architecture but also the typescript, kubernetes deployment, CI/CD.

    It will be great if implementation of Kfaka or any other alternative implementation for the management of events as NATS streaming server is being depreciated.

  6. Moayad Fouad

    This course is great. Still, I had to give it this rating because it still needs significant improvements.
    1- A lot of things are outdated especially working with Nasts streaming which has been announced that it will be deprecated. Why not update it with Kafka even the main topics that are needed in the course?
    2- I think the hours for the course can be reduced also a lot of things are repeated and some content regarding testing can be removed
    3- Sections Naming are very bad and not expressing what is really inside the section.

  7. Arturo Maltos

    Although there is a lot of content, is very outdated, once you reach the nats section you constantly need to make fixes lesson by lesson to make the project work.


    Best Course for learning microservices in nodeJS. After the updation of the course it is very easy to debug errros .

  9. Josh Harris

    Decent course. As with most tech tutorials and courses, some of the content is becoming outdated as certain dependencies update their packages and other dependencies become deprecated. Despite this, the principles and skills learned in this course are valuable and I would definitely recommend this to anyone with the aforementioned warning. It would still be nice to see a fully updated or even brand-new course at some point.

  10. Bogdan Shchavinskyi

    Good course, a lot of practice but unfortunately course is outdated.
    Some packages outdated and at modern development there is rarely used NATS, usually it’s RabbitMQ, Kaffka.
    In general principles from the course are useful

  11. Edoardo Putti

    This course was very well structured and interesting. It touches some of the core concepts of microservices and gives also a good introduction to clean code and best practices

  12. Paulo Renato de Faria

    Coverage of the topics is excellent, the part of message using NATS could be updated to Kafka. TDD approach was also nice. I would not focus so much in mongoose, just to condensate number of topics and restrict to the main goals.

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