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Microsoft SQL Server and T-SQL: From Beginner to Advanced

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A comprehensive course to teach you how to complete SQL queries using Microsoft SQL Server and the T-SQL language.

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12 avis pour Microsoft SQL Server and T-SQL: From Beginner to Advanced

  1. Suhail Shaik

    This is a zero to hero course… but kindly practise the lectures/problems…and if you are a newbie to Db concepts, please do some research on this field so that you’ll better know what you are dealing with. The lecturer won’t dive deep into such concepts, but if you’re a CS student…you probably know about data and you won’t feel alienated. All in All…a very good course,worth taking up…i bettered myself at Normalisation and Joins and most importantly got to use SQL in hands-on! Very professional…satisfied!

  2. Arwa Alshamsi

    I loved this course. It was clear and down to the point, the only issue I had was some trouble visualizing the names of some columns, and just having them given by name. A chart would be so much better when picturing these columns joined, but overall, superb! Many thanks to the instructor.

  3. Dylan Loren

    Some of the material is missing/out of date. Would be great if we could have explanations for the practice problems (not just solution). For example, and obviously idk what i’m talking about, but how can you join two tables where neither table has a matching column? Does the header not matter? Is it ONLY the values in that column?

  4. Nilesh Ghadge

    It was a great experience with this course. The instructor and his method of content delivery were excellent. After completing the course I feel confident about SQL queries with high complexity.

    Thank you for guiding me

  5. Sara Luz Marinho Diogo

    I enjoyed this course a lot. I had no idea of what SQL was and now I can understand the basic concepts/ operations. It made me want to explore more about SQL.

  6. Ajit Neb

    Very nice information and explain in very nice way

  7. Anulika Amarachi AZUBIKE

    The course gives a good insight to SQL in a more than basic way. The Left Join, Inner Join and Right Join were clearly explained. I will recommend to someone new to SQL or someone that haven’t used SQL in a long time.

  8. Andrew Bryon

    This is really well paced, logically structured lesson that gives one the basic commands. Now the practice 🙂

  9. Melvin Lee

    Great course where important SQL clauses/functions are explained well and demonstrated through step-by-step typing out of codes and executing it to show how it worked! I also liked that the author gives practice questions too, with answers in them for double checking, which is a really great help for self-studying.

    However, I felt this course is lacking some important materials to be taught for learning Microsoft SQL, particularly INSERT, DELETE, and the creation of View Tables, which I think should’ve been added in order to be able to not just manipulate and obtain results through SELECT and other clauses, but also to add and remove data and creating View for previews.

    However, overall course has been very useful for me, while I had some experiences in Microsoft SQL before, I have a good refresher on this, and actually finally could understand how some functions worked, particularly the JOIN statements!

  10. Grant Gonsoulin

    The course is straightforward and easy to follow. The difficulty really spikes when you start working on JOIN statements. I feel like a little more attention could have been given to explaining that part.

  11. Korlapati Lakshmi Sirisha

    This course offers an excellent path in understanding SQL. It is useful as it provides all the basic routes.

  12. Tummalapati Praveenkumar

    It was completely a beginner friendly course. I totally appreciate the notes and exercises. it helped me a lot. thanks for the neat and short course on SQL Server.

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