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Modern HTML & CSS From The Beginning (Including Sass)

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Build modern responsive websites & UIs with HTML5, CSS3 & Sass! Learn Flex & CSS Grid

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12 avis pour Modern HTML & CSS From The Beginning (Including Sass)

  1. Kurt Mani

    Before this I completed the freecodecamp “new responsive webdesign” and that helped out soo much better when i jumped onto this course. You really have to do your own research at most of the times if you end up stuck, but all in all the best experience. SASS was amazing to learn it really makes structure of the CSS a lot easier with the nesting. Never new Git till this was introduced in the course. I`ve already signed up for the JS course and I cant wait for the challenge that has to offer. Wishing everyone all the best on their journey.

  2. Sumon Chhetry

    you can learn and build a lot by just going through this course

  3. Ahmet Serdar Koçak

    Brad is a brilliant teacher. I bought his other courses too and like his teaching style. However, there are actually better HTML & CSS courses on Udemy. That’s why I gave a 3 star review. Thank you!

  4. Ronson Xaviour

    For me as a beginner, this gave me a lot of knowledge and it was defenitely helpful. It would have been better if there were more challenge labs. Also, the last website I felt like it was rushed, may be it’s my lack of experience.

  5. Mike King

    Brad always delivers excellent courses. His style is geared towards beginners as well as seasoned developers. I would highly recommend his courses.

  6. Ylenia Iervolino

    Il corso è stato molto utile anche se ho dovuto mettere in pausa il video diverse volte per evitare typos e stare comunque dietro a Brad.

  7. Tyrice Freeman

    /the Course truly helped to get me started! I use to think writing code wasn’t for me. I am excited to apply what I’ve learned so far and will start learning Javascript immediately. Thank you for making this course and I look forward to learning more from you!

  8. Robert Fogg

    This being a first meaningful coding course that I have taken, clearly there is so much to learn. Here, some basic foundations are presented. At times, the material does seem laid out at a rapid pace. The benefit of the rapid pace is the opportunity to review this material as needed. Sometimes to just step away for a bit of time, or even sleep on it is worthwhile. Just restart the module lecture, and figure it out.

    Reference to W3 School is a solid reference to remember. While possibly not the most advanced material is published, the basics are strong reminders to hang on to.

    Let us not forget Google. May as well get used to it, that are times when questions do require additional digging and/or research to grasp the material.

    Plan on setting aside time each day. Not a day here and there. Make a serious effort and a positive step forward into your coding career by doing a couple of hours a day! We can all find that idle time, even if a couple of hours are only 30 minutes. Dedicate the effort to your professional beneft!

  9. Xieshixin

    Here, I do it a half way, I still feel this is a pretty brilliant course to take.
    This video not just gives me basics of HTML and CSS, It, in fact, also gives me some concepts, like, using your CSS as a mini framework, it’s very useful to get this kind of advice.

  10. Ceim Nandayapa Vazquez

    Good course, I would appreciate it if the syntax were explained in a little more detail.

    Besides that, good course.

  11. Steven Mejia

    Made a commitment to finish this course. Im so glad I kept that commitment because I learned A LOT! There were some areas where I felt completely overwhelmed like the animations and transitions sections. Still dont understand that section, but it is a more advanced concept in CSS so im not too worried about it. I loved this course. Truly a beginners course. He even has you doing stuff through the terminal with git and npm. Sass section was nice, although im not too fond of it… Brad does a good job of teaching it and there’s a good amount of repetitiveness so that these concepts get solidified into memory. Overall, im more than pleased with this course. This course is worth its weight in gold to an absolute beginner. Thanks brad

  12. Yaroslav Ziabkin

    The way of how the course is built not very good. Brad is just rewriting his code with almost no coments and explenations. I really dreamed to finish it. Now I am not sure that I wnat to go thow Brad`s JavaScript Course, because I don’t really trust any more.

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