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Modern JavaScript JS (from Novice to Ninja)

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Learn Modern JavaScript from the very start to ninja-level & build awesome JavaScript applications.

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12 avis pour Modern JavaScript JS (from Novice to Ninja)

  1. Rahat Faruk

    I was a beginner and now I can build small projects with javascript. Shaun clearly explains every topic which was easy to grasp. But as webpack5 was released, I think this part should rebuild.

  2. Idemudia Monday OSAGHAE

    ‘Awesome’. I am actually short of words on how to thank you for this knowledge. Thank you so much and keep up the good work. God bless you

  3. Otis Francis

    Great course and a brilliant teacher. Makes complex topics really simple to understand by breaking them down into easily digestible chunks. The step by step approach and layered learning has made learning js a breeze 🙂

  4. Ziad Alotleh

    The course is from 2019 yes, BUT all the outdated details are easy to solve and overcome, and they start to appear starting from chapter 16, 99% of these issues I found solutions in the Q&A section, the few ones I couldn’t find I just submitted a question and I got a reply in a very short time, as well as I could find this information using google and Stackoverflow. I was a beginner when I started this course, and now I am going to create my own projects, thanks a lot Shaun, you are an amazing teacher!

  5. Artur Poniatowski

    It’s my second course on JavaScript and I must admit this is worth Your time and effort. Everything is simplified as much as possible… Great work Shaun ?

  6. Drx

    Really nice course. I have learned a lot for sure. I had a problem with Shaun massacring the word selector, that’s why it’s not full 5 stars, otherwise it is a great value course.

  7. Gümrah Sindar

    This course is awesome. I learnt a lot. Of course there is some outdated things but you can handle them easily with little google searching. If you can’t you are probably in wrong carreer path, dont blame this excellent course please 😉

  8. Luciana Fatino Venâncio

    Curso bom, entretanto, um pouco depois da metade para o final eu senti que ficou um pouco confuso. Também acho que o professor poderia deixar alguns exercícios dos projetos para os estudantes fazerem, porque sem esse espaço para praticarmos, parece que estamos acompanhando um tutorial normal de YouTube.

  9. S.A. Salako

    Many of the content and explanation don’t make sense. If you are a beginner without prior JavaScript knowledge, I will suggest you read JavaScript textbook first and use this course to get video demonstration of how the concept learnt in textbook works.

  10. Challa Uthpreksha

    This is an amazing course honestly. Learned a lot from Shaun’s teaching. Everything is simplified and is easy to understand. Would definitely recommend this course for beginners. Thanks Shaun! 🙂

  11. Adebayo oluwafemi


  12. Joseph Adam

    The Databases (Firebase) part of the course needs to be updated. I had to jump the end of the section to get what I needed and recreated the project with the Firebase Libraries. Webpack V5 was also a problem. None of the code works in Modern workflow portion of the course because when we do a Package Install from node, it does version 5, so all the code that is being used is erroneous when dealing with the devServer. I still cant get Web Server to self update.

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