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Modern React with Redux Training Course

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Master React and Redux Toolkit. Includes RTK Query, tons of custom hooks, and more! Course 100% Updated November 2022

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12 avis pour Modern React with Redux Training Course

  1. Arlinda Bajo

    This course definitely worth it! Teaching was perfect and everytime I had some question, I have took answers from them. I recommend it to everyone who wants to learn react and redux.

  2. Aman Saharan

    Awesome course. Well planned material. And beautiful way to help understand the complex stuff like redux toolkit and redux toolkit query.

  3. Vogon AllanPoe

    With the new update, this React course is AMAZING!!! Between the MASSIVE update & previous course content it’s a one-stop reference for all things React. Everything from functional to class components, hooks to Redux Toolkit, and much, much more is covered.

    Whether you’re developing a new React app, using current methodologies, or supporting an older development effort, the new update and older content will have you covered. Well done Mr. Grider!!!

  4. Anthony Narine

    Stephen is a great instructor. This course is keeping me afloat in my bootcamp. I actually picked up his full stack bootcamp course to build out the projects. The material and presentation is leagues ahead of what I’ve gotten from my bootcamp. This will be a great resource and reference down the line.

  5. Lucas Fan

    Very good overall, with great explanations and attention to detail. I would’ve loved it if there were a massive project in which we build a real website that can be used by other people, but other than that, great course!


    Being a guy inclined towards Data Structures and Algos . I was very new to ReactJs but believe me this is not a course but it seemed to me a kind Tech Poetry taught by Stephen. Thanks a lot instructor.

  7. dAdomas Kontautas

    The course started out great.

    Loved the style of the teacher and how he went into the details explaining why we are doing stuff and how to do it. But with every module the course got worse and worse … and worse.

    The farther you will go the more at lost you will feel. The redux section is impossible and other courses cover it better. After the first few modules, gone are the tests to check your understanding. Gone is analogies and deeper insights. It’s as if the author gave up. Or he didn’t put in as much effort into the other half of the program as he did into the first one.

    It actually took me great strength just to finish it. And with every author’s “This is going to be hard guy … Brace yourself, this is sooooo hard… OMG this is going to be impossible to understand, you guys…” my optimism or wish to continue drained dramatically.

    I guess there is no one course to learn any topic on something, and this certainly isn’t the be-all-end-all course for React-Redux … sadly.

    But since the author is improving the course constantly, maybe it will only get better with time. For now I can only give it 3 stars max.

  8. Tiago Manuel Silva Castro

    Stephen has prepared a very, very detailed course! The contents, especially, on the Redux side can be very overwhelming but it’s in its nature mainly because of the naming conventions. In that case, the explanations with the diagrams really are the best way to go about it.

  9. Kocherinskii Nikita

    An excellent course, but there is not enough material that I would like to learn about. For example: useMemo(), HOC and so on. Also, the development of a full-fledged application is not very enough, it seems to me that this is very important for understanding, because rather abstract examples from the course do not give an understanding of how web applications are created and how to create them from scratch. In general, I liked the way the author presents the material, but again, something was missing for me, which I wrote about above.

  10. Juan Castorino

    Excelent (like usual), very foucused in REACT fundations, always diggin deeper!!

    Meaby a lot of theory!, and a little more of practice and other libraries It would have been great…

    But.. it’s a solid 5 stars course (updated to 2023)

  11. Stalin Pratap Suman Sourav Sahoo

    useContext and useReducer explanation is really nice. Never went through a better explanation elsewhere. Thank you so much.

    Just one request if redux-saga can also be covered as part of the course

  12. Ina Barysevich

    The course, in general, is good and the instructor knows the subject very well, but in the process of learning, I encountered an unpleasant thing. During the course of study, the course was reduced by almost half. When I bought the course, I expected to receive more than I received. As a result, my expectations were not met.

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