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MongoDB – The Complete Developer’s Guide 2023

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Master MongoDB Development for Web & Mobile Apps. CRUD Operations, Indexes, Aggregation Framework – All about MongoDB!

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12 avis pour MongoDB – The Complete Developer’s Guide 2023

  1. Rishi Bajaj

    Great course! Just towards the end, felt like focus shifted slightly away from MongoDB to the JS, React code and it became difficult to follow.

  2. Jonas Nogueira de Vargas

    Goes deep enough into topics to get a good grasp of how each concept works. I have 11k words in my own notes from what I’ve learned in this course.

    Would be even better if the instructor did an extra Node.JS project with the driver, or another language using another language’s driver, but it’s all good enough.

  3. Ankit Kashyap

    Overall the course is good but the disappointing thing is that the course is not updated. Even though the title says « Complete Developer Guide – 2023″… its not like that! This course is based on v4 but there are many contents in this course which are deprecated in v6.

  4. Aman Mathur

    This course gives me the confidence to work as a backend engineer for a long .
    This is one of the finest courses that I found online. the best part of this course is the instructor explaining the use cases of all things that he explains in this course.
    Thank you!

  5. Tony Jones

    Fantastic, comprehensive guide to MongoDB. Max is extremely knowledgeable and speaks in a friendly and interesting way. I know the Stitch section needs updating, but I learned heaps about MongoDB and feel really confident in using it. Thanks Max!!

  6. Arun Ranjitkar

    Great, Robust and Effective course ! The course exceeded my expectations. Max is a great teacher and I’ve never been disappointed with any of his courses.

  7. Santiago Rueda Ortiz

    Good information about MongoDb. Although a little outdated but I’ll give you an excellent starting point

  8. Lisa Hallman

    Well done course. I have been able to build a Mongo database with Python even though the course is taught with JavaScript. Max’s coverage of the Mongo ecosystem made it easy for me to develop a data analysis database. Max encourages further exploration. Max is clear and concise in explaining examples. Enjoyed this course!

  9. Panagiotis Karagiannis

    The author goes deeply into mongo db, I am bit further than halfway through the course and I have already learned more than I had hoped for.

  10. Bhushan Deo

    One of the best courses, I have enrolled in on Udemy. Although a bit outdated, ( I don’t know whether it is regularly updated), the explanations are exceptionally clear, and practical part is also handled well.

  11. Marcio Woitek

    The instructor is very knowledgeable, and most of the lectures are well-prepared. Without a doubt, I learned a lot. However, there is a reason why I cannot leave a higher rating: the section on Stitch is completely outdated.

  12. Dan Robb

    I always love the content that Max puts out. He keeps it lively, relevant, engaging and practical. This course in particular is a very thorough overview of not only the features of Mongo, but also the use cases in which a particular feature may apply and common pitfalls to avoid. While Document DB’s are often maligned and misunderstood in the software development world, they have many very valid use cases and this course goes a long way towards helping people new to Mongo to avoid common pitfalls and really get the most out of a solid document database platform.

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