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Next.js & React – The Complete Guide (incl. Two Paths!)

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Learn NextJS from the ground up and build production-ready, fullstack ReactJS apps with the NextJS framework!

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12 avis pour Next.js & React – The Complete Guide (incl. Two Paths!)

  1. Gero Walther

    Good course on the core concepts of next.js. I wish we would have built something a bit more exciting or a bit more detailed but the blog website was a very good practice project. The teaching assistant was always responding quick and even helped me on the discord channel so great stuff.


    Max is very knowledge. He explained everything step by step and it was very easy to follow and digest. Definitely recommend!

  3. Maksym Kalashnykov

    Can’t limit this review to NextJS only because have to say that both: React and NextJS – is a great way to start your React journey to become React ninja in the end.

    NextJS section in React course was enough for me to be able to start understanding NextJS docs and this course expanded it even further and cement what I learned from corresponding section of React course

  4. Atakan Serbes

    Great course, great introduction to Next.js. More projects, more fun.
    But please just update the course frameworks and the bits and add them in between the course pages just like you did for some of them.

    For example, Next Auth was updated to 4.0 and the codes are for 3.0. The whole code for 4.0 can be added to the pages. This is easy, and we should be learning the most recent update.

  5. Maxim S.

    After comparing it with other courses, this one is the best one according to the explanation, the author spends a lot of time to plane every step which is really good.

  6. Dario Leo

    The overall course is great and I strongly reccomend this..but it need an update in the sections regarding authentication

  7. Michael Payne

    This detailed course has solid instruction, clear explanations, and great coding examples. Highly recommend!

  8. João Pinela

    the course is very detailed. And the author is dynamic and knowledgeable.
    Due to the new versions, following the videos, coding, and then having to go and confirm the differences is a bit annoying.
    Also, writing first the right side of the equals, and then going back, and going to other files just to add a word or variable is confusing and really breaks the flow of the exercises when we are coding.

    other than that, the course was very good, and I higly recommend it.
    It says 25h, but for you to follow along (even skipping the summary), if like me you were new to react and nextjs and nodejs with solid programming knowledge. I would advise you set aside 60h, at least.

  9. Damian

    The course itsefl is great. Maximilian goes through the most important parts of NextJS. The way he explains everything is awesome. I gave 4.5 because I don’t like parts with md files or mongodb because we spend a looot of time on things that are not so important to the topic – to NextJS. Of course I could skip these parts but I possibly would loose some important information that were said in meantime.

  10. Anurag Pramanik

    I really like Max’s teaching. His React course got me through job interviews. Thanks Max. But there is a lot of changes for Next.js in recent years. If Anyone starting in 2023 with Next.js, it may feel like very old. You will still be able to grasp the core concepts but need to spend some time digging through latest Next.js documentation.

  11. Proistakis Manos

    Great course, Max is a fantastic instructor that always pays attention to detail, preparing students on what to expect and how to deal with any issue before we even stumble upon it. Thumbs up!

  12. Haruna Rashid

    bonsoir !
    je suis tellement émue. Ce cour correspond à mes attentes. IL était véritablement attractif. Je vous remercie beaucoup.

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