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NLP – Natural Language Processing with Python

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Learn to use Machine Learning, Spacy, NLTK, SciKit-Learn, Deep Learning, and more to conduct Natural Language Processing

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12 avis pour NLP – Natural Language Processing with Python

  1. Chia Ai Fen

    Really love this NLP course! The content is pretty updated, and touches on key concepts like text preprocessing and deep neural networks like RNN, LSTM etc. The instructor is also clear in his explanations.

  2. Jose M Albornoz

    A very good overview of NLP, you not only learn the basics but you are also in a good position to start learning advanced topics. My only complaint is that some parts of the course require good familiarity with neural networks

  3. Miguel Vela Mayorga

    The title should be preceded by “An introduction to…”. The text slides could be replaced by the teacher speaking or informative images. Having to read what you are already listening does not help understanding

  4. Isaac Yves Lopes de Macêdo

    The course is really good, has interesting and advanced topics. The only downside is that the chat bot project is very hard to understand and the understanding of it falls unto our own reading and comprehension of a scientific paper.

  5. Jekaterina Bossenko

    Jose is a great tutor, but the course needs to be updated. There are code parts that are no longer valid. Also, would be nice to have more material, different projects and üractical exercises.

  6. Deepak Tripathy

    It is a good course for beginners to understand what NLP is all about although the course needs some updates. Jose is a very good instructor who is clear in his content delivery and I really liked the Jupyter notebooks with clear codes that help in understanding the concepts. The only thing that put me off was the Chatbot section which needs detailed explanations because the research paper appears complicated for people who don’t have experience in RNNs and NLP. Hope this is addressed in future updates. Thank you..

  7. Abdul Wafeeq Ali

    Great course, higly recomend it. Although, there are some out of date library imports, but its easy fix with google and stack overflow.

  8. Johann Braun

    Great course, highly recommended.

    Very structured, i appreciate the notebooks. With those i have a great way to revisit the contents in a few weeks when im not certain about specifics.

  9. Daniel Perez Hernandez

    Everything is top-tier! So far, chapter 3 is my favourite (text classification) and my only concerns are some concepts of the chapter 2 (part of speech tagging), regarding some Spacy libraries that are currently outdated (2022-Feb-07) and some notebooks really need to be re-done so the exercises make more sense!

  10. Kristin Calvert

    This course was well-structured, with useful projects as hands-on practice. The instructor is also excellent.

  11. Alper Emre Çelik

    Bu kursu alacak Türkler için NLP’ye giriş için gayet güzel bir kurs fakat 5 sene olmuş. Kütüphanelerin yeni dökümanlarını okuyup bilgilerinizi güncelleyebilirsiniz. Sevgilerle..

  12. Dimitris Tsiompikas

    i have already taken NLP classes on undergraduate level of studies and this so far is a good memory refreshment. Also using jupyter from anaconda is new to me , so we’re good so far.

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