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Node.js, Express, MongoDB & More: The Complete Bootcamp 2023

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Master Node by building a real-world RESTful API and web app (with authentication, Node.js security, payments & more)

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12 avis pour Node.js, Express, MongoDB & More: The Complete Bootcamp 2023

  1. William Tran

    The course is better than I expected. However, there are many node packages were out of date that cause me some time to figure out the proper syntax to use.

  2. Henriquebzn

    This course is totally abandoned.

    The latest replies I’ve seen from Jonas or any of the tutors are like 2 years old.

    Jonas is REALLY bad at naming stuff and commenting his code. Also, he is really lazy: makes many mistakes in some videos and, instead of recording them again, he just tries to go around it by creating notes. I would not mind if these mistakes were rare, but they are everywhere.

    Jonas is far from being a good developer and even farther from being a good teacher.

    I definitely do not recommend this course.

  3. Chigozie Okeke

    It was a very rich and educative course. I appreciate the effort Jonas put in every of his course.

  4. Erhan Ertem

    There are some stuff that got moved on and needed some painful digging to respond to. But in general its a very informative course like the other ones as always.
    I asked some questions, and received almost zero response. Thats what -1 star for. Q/As would help somewhat along the way to shade some light on hazy parts.
    Nonetheless, I feel like I got to get back to it once more to digest thoroughly.

  5. Anurag Bajpai

    Best online course.Explain in depth.After this course u can learn anything about Node using Documentation further.And u can build ur own basic websites.Jonas plz update the course and give some crazy stuff.
    My suggestion to upcoming learners:
    1)Make project folders name and code as jonas is doing.if u do so ur code will definately work.
    2)whatever doubt will come,u will get in Q and A section..someone has already asked ur doubts.
    3)If few package will not work then downgrade the package.
    4)if u do as jonas said and done then u will not confuse at the end..specially in pug template.pug template rendering is confusing and that a front end part do not demotivated.
    5)ur doubt still be resolve within 24 hrs..just ask freely..
    6)At the end have a gr8 course..And Really worth it..

  6. Utkrisht Kumar

    This course gave me a solid foundation for backend development.

  7. Abdullah Al Afique

    Jonas has put a lot of effort into building this course, and it was one of my best courses taken on Udemy. I highly recommend this course to anyone who doesn’t know about NodeJS. I can’t find any better alternative to this course in Udemy yet. Thanks to Jonas ?

  8. Joe Chan

    I’m a big fan of Jonas since I leant sass and javascript from him.
    but this course is not as good as the rest, a lot of things are outdated. Hope they will update this course sometime.

  9. Asma Abed

    Great course as usual from Jonas, learned a lot and everything was well explained!
    I’m already planning a project to practice what I’ve learned.
    Thank you for the amazing course!

  10. Emilio Bringas

    I really enjoyed the course. I found it super helpful and Jonas is a great instructor that knows how to communicate knowledge in a very helpful way.

  11. Stefan Dudu

    Overall the course is good, and Jonas explains really well. Too back that it is outdated and some issues cannot be solved with the solutions from the comments. Would be nice if Jonas could update the course. Too bad that this ruins the experience. And why called Bootcamp 2023 if it’s not updated since 2019 and using deprecated dependencies?

  12. Alan Pecenkovic

    This Node.js course is a great combination of theory and practice. The instructor, Johnas Schmedtmann, is extremely knowledgeable about the topic and takes the time to explain things in detail. He explains every step, which makes it easy to follow along and understand the concepts.

    Overall, I found the course to be very satisfactory and worth the money. The only drawback is that the course was created in 2019, so there were some outdated packages and libraries that needed to be updated. This meant that I had to spend time correcting issues that could have been avoided if the course content had been updated.

    Despite this, I was able to overcome these issues by following the students in the Q&A section and looking up answers on the internet. However, it would have been helpful if the course had included a notices and pointed to solutions for these issues.

    Overall, I highly recommend this course to anyone who is interested in learning Node.js. The instructor’s knowledge and attention to detail make the course engaging and informative, and despite some outdated parts, the course is still a valuable resource for learning Node.js.

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