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Node.js: The Complete Guide to Build RESTful APIs (2018)

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Learn to build fast, scalable and secure RESTful services with Node, Express and MongoDB, from setup to production

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12 avis pour Node.js: The Complete Guide to Build RESTful APIs (2018)

  1. SK Verma

    Probably the only course that covers all – Mongoose, Express and Node JS!
    The newer version of MongoDb supports Schema. I would request Mosh and Udemy to update the course.

  2. Ibrahim

    this course is one of best course i have seen in 4 years exprenice with coding and programming every thing very clear and any one can easily handle it but you need to have basic understanding of javascript and programming and some another thing and finally thank you so match mosh

  3. Ahmed Hasan

    Its truly and amazing course on Nodejs rest api . No BS just depiction of pure knowledge, experience and craftsmanship by Mosh Hamedani

  4. Rajil Bajracharya

    This is a brilliant course! It goes beyond teaching us how to use express and delves into the principles of web development itself — from teaching us how to organize our code to what function/method should go where to what high-level functions we want our API to achieve — this course has it all. The only reason it does not get a 5-start rating is because the course is in dire need of an upgrade. Having said that, for anybody who wants to work with newer packages (and TypeScript), here is my implementation of Mosh’s vidly app:

  5. Cristhian Giovanni Guevara Alarcon

    I have learnt a lot with this course. The course has good coding exercises and mini-projects that helps to understand syntax and design

  6. Amit Baweja

    Mosh, this is awesome. I am really getting it and this is gonna help me a lot. Surely others must be enjoying it too.

  7. Szentmiklósi Dávid

    Great instructor and great tutorial! ++++ 🙂 Very understandable stuff and pronunciation! 🙂

  8. R Castellanos

    I found the course very well prepared. I liked the fact that we were working on the same project. At times the progress was a little slow, but at other times it progressed faster.

    As of today, I am afraid that the course already has some things outdated, but other than that the fundamentals are the same, so it was really helpfull.

  9. Ricardo Salazar Morales

    Mosh is really great at explaining each topic in the most simple way so you can understand it with no problem. The exercises are very helpful too

  10. Eric William Burrell

    I have learned so much from this course! As a beginner who has only taken a basic course on JavaScript (also a course by Mosh), I can verify that beginners will be able to keep up with this course. I am learning all of the essentials to build a backend for my mobile app.

  11. Paracosma

    The course is good, but I see tutors updating their courses with time, say with help of comments or additional notes if something is new. If this pattern was implemented in this course as well it would be helpful. Thanks!!

  12. Joseph Jordan

    One of the best presented course I have done on Udemy so far. Still very relevant, even after a few years old.

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