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Node JS Training: Learn and Understand Node JS

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Dive deep under the hood of NodeJS. Learn V8, Express, the MEAN stack, core Javascript concepts, and more.

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12 avis pour Node JS Training: Learn and Understand Node JS

  1. Kevin Ravenhill

    The instructor presented things clearly. The pace was good. The “Big Word Alerts” were a great addition instead of assuming people already knew.

  2. Alan Nunez

    If you are looking for an exhaustive course that doesn’t let any ambiguous spots, this is the one—a masterpiece.

  3. Denny VandeMaele

    I agree 100% with the way this course was taught. Many courses have you follow along, do as they do, and you end up not learning anything.

    If you know why things do what they do… then you can build on it.

  4. Gururaj A Rao

    Fantastic, I took this course in order to enter the Backend Development space and I do not regret it at all!

  5. Prathamesh Thorat

    very good course for beginners as well as experienced people. I got the thorough knowledge what happens behind the scene in node and v8.

  6. Aaron Dewberry

    This course was really helpful in understanding much of the basics of how node works as well as full stack applications in general. My only complaint is that the ending feels unfinished. The last section talks about building a front-end application in record time. He goes over how he added an Angular 2 front-end, but it feels rushed and incomplete. At the very end of the last video (#97) he literally says, “so let’s move on and continue building out this node todo app” and less than a minute later the video and course ends with no continuation or explanation of where, or how, to continue the lesson.

  7. Prince Chaudhary

    Awesome, I have never though that this course will be tat much knowledgeable
    No one can teaches like Tony sir brilliant course I have never seen before

  8. Alfonso Gutierrez

    It is a good course but fairly outdated if you are looking to work with current NodeJs trends. On the other hand, great course to understand the very basics and the underlaying concepts behind NodeJs and its actual build language.

  9. Charu Gera

    This course can be used as very starting point to get started on node web server as it has some very good sections as conceptual asides for javascript, os or networking concepts. But it gets lost in there, in trying to explain the ‘Big words’ or conceptual asides, the core of Nodejs concepts like event loop with worker pools, details of the main event loop, timers etc are missing. Dont rely on it for completeness in term of understanding ‘Grasp how NodeJS works under the hood’ but refer the nodejs documentation for nodejs concepts. It fails to deliver ‘Be the coder that explains NodeJS to everyone else because you understand it better than anyone else’ because it talks less of nodejs concepts.


    It is an incredible course, full of solid fundamentals and the instructor’s explanations are precise. These fundamentals are still valid even with new versions of NodeJS.

  11. George Eakin

    I appreciate the simple and direct examples Tony gives that illustrate the concepts he is describing. The fact he can do this without being dry or boring, well, that’s Tony’s magic!

  12. Jessica Meinhold

    Very well researched, explained and built up. Thank you for this great, clean work and sharing the learnings.

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