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Node with React: Fullstack Web Development

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Build and deploy fullstack web apps with NodeJS, React, Redux, Express, and MongoDB.

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12 avis pour Node with React: Fullstack Web Development

  1. Elizabeth Funk

    I already know React and Node, so this was a good refresher course for me. I like that Stephen Grider explains the why and how of what he is doing. It helps me absorb the material. It’s a slow and careful pace that I appreciate. I also like that he shows how to organize and refactor the code. You learn at so many levels.

    This course does a nice job covering OAuth, Webhooks, and working with third-party APIs like stripe and sendgrid.

    I appreciate that this course has some updates, but it could use a few more. Everything works, and you can modernize the project app on your own as extra credit, but it would be nice to see modern tools used. For example, redux tool kit is now the standard for redux and ReactDOM.render is deprecated. Also, it looks like stripe came out with its own react checkout module after these videos were first captured. Also, functional components with React hooks are much more common these days. Even if they weren’t used in these videos (for example, useSelector instead of connect for Redux), it would have been nice to see a discussion about pros and cons of each approach.

    Overall, the course was great. It takes a moderately complex app and breaks the work down into small, manageable pieces.

  2. Kori Brus

    This is the second course of Stephen’s I’ve completed and both were superb. I opted into the Node with React course after feeling stalled out with a different (60hr) course I was taking on Udemy. The presentation here was far more concise and practical. Additionally, having OAuth integration with the course project was invaluable. I’ll definitely look forward to more of Stephen’s courses.

  3. Seela Vijayan

    It is really a good course to learn react, redux using node. The only issue what i faced was with the sendgrid account which required atleast one week for review and account activation. If all the requirements are told beofre the course started, it would be much more better.

  4. Jose Luis Escalona Pazo

    Definitivamente el mejor contenido que he conseguido hasta ahora en Udemy.

  5. Travis Young

    Im a professional software engineer with around 2 years of experience. This course models all the “hard” things you have to do in industry that no one teaches you in school or really even other classes. Great one stop shop for professional full stack react development. My only complaint is the course hasn’t been updated to use modern functional React components.

  6. Aladdin Mhemed

    Very useful even for an advanced learner who wants to review the topics of the course.

  7. Vishal Upadhayay

    This course is horrible, 50% of course files are outed and are not functioning. Please do not invest your money in this course the author is repeating the same content at least 10 times. Trust me you will regret it later better invest your time and money in some other course. Reach out to me if you want to know more on vupadhayayx86@gmail. WHAT A WASTE! Garbage.

  8. Gustavo Mateos

    Great course, just what I was looking for. The best thing to point out about it is the care for detail shown by the author in every step of the project scaffolding. I’m definitely going to look up the other courses by Stephen.

  9. Paulo Ricardo

    This is a great course, buried on a pile of deprecated content. The React portion and basicly all the front-end part is just created with syntax that is not used anymore.
    Also the course uses MaterializeCSS, another UI library that is just completely abandoned. So you are constantly wasting time learning stuff that no one uses anymore.
    When we ask about a future update, or the plans of the course we get not answer what so ever.
    So my advice is research other courses on this subject. This course is a time machine to 5 years ago.

  10. Brett D Webster

    Very clear explanations of what is going on. Sometimes he goes on little too much on specific points, but honestly it’s not bad and while I notice it sometimes, other topics that I don’t know as well I barely notice.

  11. Manish Patel

    Yes, It was very good. I enjoyed the entire course and learn a lot throughout the course. Thanks to Stephen Grider for sharing knowledge and for this amazing course.

  12. Musab Aslan

    Great content and explanation. He is a spectacular teacher. The only downside of the course and the instructor is being a little bit slow. I found him repeating himself 4-5 times for no reason. But it is a great course overall and helped me tremendously. Thank you so much.

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