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PHP for Beginners – Become a PHP Master – CMS Project

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PHP for Beginners: learn everything you need to become a professional PHP developer with practical exercises & projects.

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12 avis pour PHP for Beginners – Become a PHP Master – CMS Project

  1. Erteqa Hossain

    I liked the course but the only issue was with the coding section being a bit complex.

  2. Abdullah Javaid

    Hi, i have completed this course few months ago, sorry for the late review, i kinda loved this course, and loved you my teacher Diazzzyyyyy Diazzzz, i want to tell you man, i completed this course and i am actually doing a job right now. First of all thanks to Allah Almighty, then to you my lovely teacher, the learning i got from this course helped me in getting the job.
    The company i am working for well actually it is quite a handsome amount i get for the country i am from and while i am still studying.
    AND HERE IS THE AMAZING PART, it is for you Edwin, the company i work for offers us some courses purchased by them for their employees, and they have this course in their account, and also your OOP course on PHP, the best courses on PHP, so i want to tell you are far good teacher and i love you and i really wish to meet you one day, have a chat, good wishes for you, enjoyed learning with you, and plan to learn your OOP course.

  3. Eduardo Andres Silva Jara

    Excelent course, needs more evaluation of progress on the CMS chapters but it teaches you all you need to start programing in PHP,
    Keep up the good work.

  4. Yauhen Miheichyk

    It’s really amazing course of PHP. I had understood nothing till I got this course. Thank you Edwin for it!

  5. Emmanuel Omiragua

    Edwin Daiz’s course was well worth it. The instructor took his time to teach in detail, making sure that all of the material was understood. The course was very thorough and I learned a lot. Edwin was very knowledgeable and his teaching style was excellent. I would recommend Edwin course to anyone looking to learn more about programming.

  6. Jeff W

    Very good course. I like that it finishes off teaching a cms so that you can see how the php actually works and is implemented in build a website. I definitely recommend for php beginners.

  7. Nathan Barham

    Very thorough and I liked how the instructor kept it going with new lectures improving on the project more and more. He put in a lot of time and a lot of lectures. My only complaint was occasionally there was code put in and wasn’t mentioned or explained probably in post debugging. I could still get around that by having access to the master code to compare against mine and he and his team were good with answering questions and so I could also peruse the questions from other students with similar problems to mine.

  8. Arman Valaee Asr

    More than half of the course time is spent on the CMS project which is all repetition!
    Almost nothing from OOP or any framework. Probably because they are sold separately in another course.
    If you are following this course, make sure you don’t code as messy as the instructor!

  9. Daniel Kowalewski

    Due to my constant distraction and poor ability to focus I need a course topics laid out in orderly manner with every step properly explained. This course is opposite to what I need. Very chaotic with constant moving back and forth between topics. Presented code is messy, written without paying attention to modern standards of formatting. I wish I could give more stars, I didn’t even finish the course, found much better one somewhere else.

  10. Edgars Stasjuks

    For those who want to learn, definitely would recommend this course. Very good instructor. Thank you Edwin for your time and knowledge. Best of luck to everyone achieving your goals.

  11. Akaraonye Stephen

    Edwin Diaz is just an amazing teacher. He made everything so easy for me to understand. I am really happy with the prompt response to issues and his ability to always be there to help students out. Going forward to start taking his PHP OOP course.

  12. Abiola Osota

    Such amazing Lecturer. I did not understand this lecture on the first attempt I made to the project and left it for 6 month and I started all over again. I catch up a lots thanks.

    Please Edwin is the best, If you have any problem and you can’t find the solution in the Q&A. Once you send him a message He will reply within hour.

    I have another lecture on PHP from another lecturer maybe the lecturer is dead or alive?, from the last 6 years He has not replied the student in the Q&A.

    Edwin will stick with you till you’re done. ??? Edwin the best

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